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SDCC: Matt Groening talks Futurama, Disenchantment, The Simpsons at SDCC

By Trent Moore
The Simpsons Fox

As The Simpsons prepares to start yet another decade of animated hijinks, series creator Matt Groening and a crew of longtime producers and talent showed up at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s to come in Season 31 and talk about a few of their other projects.

Groening, Al Jean, Mike B. Anderson, Stephanie Gillis, and Yeardley Smith were all on hand to talk about how they keep the series fresh and rolling all these years later. The producers showed off a preview clip of the upcoming "Treehouse of Horrors" episode, which will mark the 666th episode of the series. It looks just as silly and twisted as ever, with some Omen gags and wild deaths. There will also be a Stranger Things send-up, which was previewed at the panel.

Looking ahead to next season, they confirmed a few guest stars for the new season. Comedian and SNL alum John Mulaney, as well as Aquaman star Jason Momoa, will be showing up this fall.

Groening was asked if we'll ever get another Simpsons movie, and though there are no plans for one at the moment, he said he'd be shocked if the characters don't make it back on the big screen. He also joked Disney will want something out of the acquisition deal with Fox, right?

He also revealed he'd pitched a live action Krusty the Clown spinoff years ago, though the network wasn't into the idea at the time.

Groening was also, of course, asked if Futurama will ever get any new episodes. He said the series "might come back" at some point, though there are no active plans to bring the series back to life at this time. But, Groening did plug his animated Netflix series Disenchantment, noting most of the Futurama cast has reassembled to voice the characters on that series. He also revealed new episodes of Disenchantment will hit Netflix on September 20.

There’s also the fact that The Simpsons has joined Mickey Mouse and his pals as a part of Disney in the wake of the Fox acquisition. That point didn't get much of the spotlight, though Groening joked they've "done 30 years of anti-Disney jokes," and that might change a bit moving forward. But, at least judging by the clip shown at the panel, don't expect the gags to stop anytime soon.

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