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Seven of Nine got lessons in eating and sitting on Star Trek: Voyager and enjoyed neither [Warp Factor 2.5]

By Brian Silliman

It didn't take long for Star Trek: Voyager to start exploring the backstory of their new Season 4 crew member, Seven of Nine. The former Borg drone was brought onto the show at the start of the season, and it only took a few episodes (and the loss of that silver catsuit) for Jeri Ryan and the team to explore who Seven actually was.

The episode "The Raven" is where we get the first backstory of Seven's assimilation, though it would not be the only time that the series would explore her early life. While getting disturbing visions thanks to re-activated Borg nanofriends, Seven is lucky enough to get a lesson in eating from Neelix. He teaches her how to sit down also, and Seven doesn't really care for either thing. It's her first scene with Neelix on this show, and it doesn't end well. She gets another hallucination in the middle of it, and shoves the Talaxian to the floor.

Seven gets some time with Voyager's EMH in the episode, though their true friendship is still to come. It's Captain Kathryn "There's coffee in that nebula" Janeway who is the true mentor figure here, a role that she would continue to perform for the rest of the series. 

Who was Seven of Nine before she was assimilated? Why does she keep seeing a big black bird in her hallucinations? Why does Neelix stir fry something immediately after saying he'll steam it?

SYFY WIRE's Warp Factor is here to get to the bottom of things... except for that last question. There's no explanation for why Neelix does this.

Take a look at the latest episode below. As Janeway herself would say, "DO IT."