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DC FanDome: David Sandberg promises more Shazam Family in sequel, says villain will surprise people

By Josh Weiss
Adam Brody Shazam

Asher Angel's Billy Batson is going to have some serious backup in Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Answering fan questions during DC FanDome's second day, director David F. Sandberg promised that the Marvel Family (aka Billy's fellow foster kids, who share in his magical abilities) will have a much bigger role in the next movie.

"Now they're all superheroes," he said. "Now they're all a family with superpowers and now we finally get to see that. We only got a glimpse of it in the first movie. So that's something to look forward to."

The Family members include Billy (Angel/Zachary Levi), Freddie Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer/Adam Brody), Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman/Meagan Good), Eugene Choi (Ian Chen/Ross Butler), Pedro Peña (Jovan Armand/D. J. Cotrona), and Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton/Michelle Borth). As for who the group will be facing off with in the sequel, Sandberg couldn't say.

"I can't really talk about villains or villain," he said. "But I think a lot of people will be surprised. It's gonna be a little unexpected."

Our best guess on a primary antagonist would be Mr. Mind, the talking caterpillar who showed up to recruit Dr. Sivana (played by Kingsman's Mark Strong) in the first film's mid-credits sequence. The very concept of a tiny, megalomaniacal insect that wants to take over the world is very unexpected, wouldn't you say?

In addition, Levi voiced his hope that Tawky Tawny, the talking tiger/ally to the Marvel Family from the original comics, would make an appearance in the franchise. Shazam: Fury of the Gods is slated to hit theaters Nov. 4, 2022. Henry Gayden is returning to write the screenplay. Comedian Sinbad was the first newcomer to be announced for the follow-up.

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