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SYFY WIRE Creepshow

Adam Pally learns he's a werewolf in this festively freaky clip from Shudder's Creepshow Holiday Special

By Jeff Spry
Creepshow Holiday Special

As incongruous as it might seem, holiday season and horror-based entertainment offerings often go hand in hand. Perhaps it's the legacy of the visitation spirits in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Central European fables of the evil anti-Santa called Krampus, or an overindulgence of eggnog spurring nightmarish phantasms, but wild imaginations and wintertime superstitions seem to come alive during long, dark nights... and we love it!

To add to the festive frights, AMC's horror-centric streaming service, Shudder, is offering fans a terrifying seasonal treat in the form of A Creepshow Holiday Special, airing this Friday.

In SYFY WIRE's exclusive sneak peek, titled "The Test," our confused hero, Weston (Adam Pally), learns the scary truth of his actual identity. He has reason to think he's a vicious shapeshifter, but blacks out every time he transforms, so he's clueless as to exactly what creature he's turning into. Lucky for him, Irina (Anna Camp) and the other members of Shapeshifter's Anonymous know how to find out.

Unwrap our exclusive clip below:


Shudder's original yuletide-themed, hour-long episode, "Shapeshifters Anonymous," is written and directed by Creepshow showrunner and The Walking Dead makeup mastermind, Greg Nicotero.

"The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well in true Creepshow fashion," Nicotero said about the special when it was first announced. "Reimagining how we look at the holidays and Santa Claus with an outrageous ensemble cast, a myriad of creepy crawlies and a few thrills and chills shouldn't be missed."


The project is adapted from a short story by J.A. Konrath (Last Call) and concerns an anxious man, the aforementioned Wally, who believes he might be a murderer. So he embarks on a strange journey of self-discovery to seek out answers for his "unique condition" from an unusual support group for shape-shifting monsters.

True Blood's Camp and Sonic the Hedgehog's Pally star in the humorous dissection of societal fears examining the nature of evolutionary abominations. And that's before "the dreaded Santa Claws" comes into the picture, as you can see in the trailer below.


Shudder's A Creepshow Holiday Special arrives on Dec. 18, just in time for some seasonal cheer.