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Shudder announces 'Creepshow' Season 4, Jack the Ripper 'Slasher' riff & return of 'Cursed Films'

Shudder reveals Creepshow Season 4, sets release dates for more horror movies and series.

By Tara Bennett
Creepshow Greg Nicotero

While The Walking Dead is winding down its run on AMC, executive producer/director Greg Nicotero still has another very strong franchise at AMC that will continue to keep him busy in Creepshow. Today at the TCA winter virtual press day for AMC Networks (attended by SYFY WIRE), Shudder announced that Creepshow — a revival of Nicotero mentor and horror legend George Romero's horror/comedy anthology of the same name — is one of the network's most-watched programs and has been renewed for a fourth season. The new season goes into production this spring.

Another successful Shudder original series is Slasher, and it has also been renewed with a period season set in the 19th century doing a riff on the Jack the Ripper mythology. It will track the path of a serial killer called The Widow, who "is meting out justice against the rich and powerful," in contrast to Jack the Ripper's M.O. of killing the poor and outcasts of London's socioeconomic class system. The new season also goes into production this spring.

Shudder also revealed their originals spring schedule with the previously announced second season of Cursed Films debuting on April 7, which will cover the behind-the-scenes stories that have now become whispered lore for Rosemary's Baby, Stalker, The Serpent & The Rainbow, Cannibal Holocaust, and The Wizard of Oz.

And on the Shudder Original film side, there are three premieres coming to the network: Hellbender, The Seed, and Night's End. Each are exclusive premieres. Co-directed and co-written by Zelda Adams, Hellbender drops first on Feb. 24, and is dubbed "an occult coming-of-age horror." The horror comedy, The Seed, debuts March 10, and follows the events of three friends traveling to the Mojave desert to see a meteor shower with unexpected results. And last but not least, Night's End premieres March 31 and features Michael Shannon (Man of Steel) in a haunted apartment thriller directed by Jennifer Reeder (Knives and Skin, V/H/S/94).

This summer will also premiere Shudder's four-part docu-series, Queer for Fear, from executive producer Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), which charts the role of the LGBTQ+ community in the genre. Viewers and makers will reframe stories as tales of survival seen through their gaze. Following the template of Eli Roth's History of Horror and Horror Noire, which reframed the horror genre from the Black experience, Queer for Fear will feature the voices of filmmakers, writers, critics, and historians contextualizing specific themes, classic titles, and overall moments in history. A premiere date will be revealed later this year.