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What's in the cave?! Watch an exclusive scene from Paramount+ horror film 'Significant Other'

Maika Monroe finds something weird in the woods in the Paramount+ thriller, Significant Other

By Tara Bennett
Maika Monroe

What should you remember when you go backpacking in the woods?

Don't explore alone. Don't touch things that you've never seen before and maybe don't go inside dark caves without a flashlight. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this hiker got that particular safety memo and now she's going to pay for it in the new Paramount+ horror/thriller, Significant Other.

Starring Maika Monroe (It Follows) and Jake Lacey (A Friend of the Family), the pair play a young couple going for a backpacking adventure in the Pacific Northwest. It has all the makings of a tense thriller, telling a creepy story of a pair separated from civilization and dealing with something that's not quite right. In this SYFY WIRE sneak peek clip from the movie, Ruth does some exploring inside a foreboding cave.

Check out the clip below:

So is this some otherworldly influence we're seeing that causes things to turn violent? Just a creepy, natural phenomenon? We have so many questions for when this one hits Paramount+ this weekend.

Written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen (Villains), Significant Other premieres Oct. 7 on Paramount+. The movie also gets a big New York Comic-Con premiere Thursday night with a panel and fan screening that promises to kick off the annual pop culture celebration, and the Halloween season, right. 

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