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'Slumberland': Jason Momoa shows off his whimsical side in teaser trailer for Netflix fantasy flick

Slumberland arrives on Netflix this November.

By Josh Weiss
(L-R) Jason Momoa as FLIP and Marlow Barkley as NEMO in Slumberland

He's played a Dothraki chieftain, the king of Atlantis, a visually-impaired warrior of the post-apocalypse, and now — are you ready for this one? — a horned dream demon by the name of "Flip." Jason Momoa is literally the stuff that dreams are made of in Netflix's first teaser trailer for the streamer's upcoming fantasy feature: Slumberland

Slated to hit our screens this fall, the project marks the second Hollywood team-up between Momoa and Hunger Games vet Francis Lawrence after their collaboration on See for Apple TV+. That show's third and final season premieres tomorrow — Friday, Aug. 26. Written by the duo of David Guion (Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb) and Michael Handelman (Dinner for Schmucks), Slumberland seems to channel everything from Little Nemo in Slumberland (the film itself was inspired by Windsor Mccay's Little Nemo comic strip character) and Inception to The Polar Express and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Marlow Barkley (Single Parents) stars as a young girl who embarks on a whirlwind adventure in the land of dreams, allying with an eccentric outlaw (the aforementioned entity played by Momoa) and fleeing nightmares in the hopes of seeing her late father (Godzilla vs. Kong's Kyle Chandler as a kindly lighthouse keeper) one last time. Chris O’Dowd (The Starling), Weruche Opia (High Desert), India de Beaufort (Firefly Lane), and Humberly Gonzalez (Utopia Falls) co-star.

Feast your eyes on the teaser below:

"I've got to tell you, to play in this role really unlocked a lot of things for me," Momoa explained during a recent interview with People. "I actually got to watch it with my children yesterday and with Marlow and her family. It's weird when you tear up watching your own stuff. It blew me away, and I just was so emotional. This role just let me really be free, and the character is so fun."

"Working with Jason on See, I saw characteristics in his personality that I knew would work really well with Flip," added Lawrence. "So it was fun to do something completely different for the both of us that also allowed us to stretch our creative muscles in new ways."

The director produced the movie alongside Peter Chernin (Hidden Figures), Jenno Topping (See), and David Ready (Red Sparrow). Guion, Handelman, and Ray Angelic (Project Power) are executive producers.

Slumberland awakens on Netflix Friday, Nov. 18. Luckily, there's plenty of dream-related content on the platform with the first 11 episodes of The Sandman.

Looking for more fantasy films? Click here for our list of the best fantasy films available on Peacock. If you want to see more of Momoa's badass side, don't fret. The actor will be playing the central villain of next year's Fast X.