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SYFY WIRE Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins first trailer has Henry Golding go full ninja

By Benjamin Bullard
Henry Golding in Snake Eyes

The movie drought for G.I. Joe fans is evaporating fast, thanks to Paramount Pictures’ hugely anticipated first look at the upcoming Snake Eyes. In the film’s first trailer, which debuted during the MTV Movie & TV Awards Sunday, the scales of mystery fell away from the full title, too, with the studio revealing the film's full name as Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Taking a razor-sharp tour through Snake Eye’s beginnings as a ninja in training, the clip cross-cuts to find hero Henry Golding putting his hard-earned stealth skills to present-day use. Motorcycle chases, katana battles atop a speeding car convoy, ancient monasteries where you confront your inner demons and more: it’s all here in this minute-long first look.

Now that the footage is finally declassified, take a peek at Snake Eyes in action:

To get fans up to speed on their G.I. Joe lore, the studio also shared a fun, fact-filled video to make sure they hit theaters this summer with their memories finely sharpened:

Paramount frames Golding’s hero as a “tenacious loner who is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called the Arashikage after saving the life of their heir apparent.” From there, he begins the upward walk toward ninja mastery…until “secrets from his past are revealed,” putting Snake Eyes on duty sooner than he’d probably been expecting.

Directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the classic G.I. Joe character, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins also stars Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, Úrsula Corberó as The Baroness, Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Haruka Abe as Akiko, Tahehiro Hira as Kenta, and Iko Uwais as Hard Master. Watch for Snake Eyes to sneak into theaters on July 23.