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SYFY WIRE Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites invades summer camp (and Comic-Con@Home) for first look at Season 2

By Josh Weiss
Solar Opposites

Watch out for Red Gooblers!

Fans of the planet Shlorp got an exclusive first look at Season 2 of Hulu's Solar Opposites during the show's Comic-Con@Home panel on Thursday. The teaser, a rough storyboard animatic, shows Korvo (co-creator Justin Roiland) and Terry (Thomas Middleditch) learning that their replicants, Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) and Jesse (Mary Mack), will be stuck at home all summer. The two aliens plan to kill their young charges before a neighbor suggests sending the replicants to summer camp.

"We make fun of camp and haters," Roiland's co-creator Mike McMahan said of the second season, which is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2021.

"There's interesting class stuff in the season premiere of next year when they discover that there's another group of people that are there ... they've never had to worry about class as aliens," added executive producer Josh Bycel. "Then we have an episode where Terry is obsessed with dinner parties and Korvo is terrible at dinner parties and says all the wrong things."

Don't worry, things are only gonna get weirder from there. For example, Bycel floated an existing idea they have for an episode, where Terry and Korvo get addicted to onions.

Watch the full panel below:

The creative team also touched on the now-famous wall society of shrunken down people, whose peripheral storyline reached its climax in Episode 7 ("Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear") of the first season. In particular, McMahan let slip that Tim (Andy Daly) will be exploiting the shocking death of Cherie (Christina Hendricks), whom he murdered, to consolidate his position as the new Duke.

"Cherie is very much alive as a martyr because Tim, who killed her and pushed her out of the wall, is using her death as a way to control and amp himself up as the new leader of the wall," he revealed. "So second season, you will definitely be seeing a lot of Cherie, in that Tim is using her name and her loss to solidify his power... There's a huge mural on the wall that he has painted that is about Cherie and how important she is."

Hulu renewed Solar Opposites for a third season in June. Bycel promised that the next two seasons will have a lot more diverse character pair-ups and McMahan alluded to an eventual exploration of the 99 other Shlorpian families that were sent to find replacement planets throughout the galaxy.

"The third season pickup does a real helpful thing for us because we've already written Season 2 and we were doing it [while] anticipating that we would get a Season 3," the creator explained. "We love all the serialized elements and so, the most daunting thing is to do serialized stuff without squandering it; to do it in a way that feels like we're thinking about it, that we're having fun with it, but we're also taking it slowly."

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