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SYFY WIRE Solar Opposites

'Solar Opposites' teases high stakes, Cold War thriller twists in Season 4 of hit animated alien comedy

For the citizens of The Wall, Season 4 might be their biggest challenge yet.

Solar Opposites Season 2

By Julie Montana

When creating Solar Opposites, creator Mike McMahan wanted it to be “a show with no rules that just loves TV and does whatever it wants to do.” Part of doing whatever he wants to do is creating an entirely separate show within that show that is much less comedy and more high stakes action drama.

Though the main plot line follows the Shlorpians and their antics on Earth, the results of their sci-fi mettling rarely carry into the next episodes. But Yumyulack’s general distaste for humans and violent tendencies have paired up to create one crazy result: a terrarium within his own bedroom full of shrunken humans.

Inside The Wall, society has collapsed multiple times. A religion has formed around Yumyulack’s sister Jesse, who seems to be the only person feeding the trapped humans (but she weirdly only ever seems to give them candy). There is danger, famine, revolution, and mouse milk.

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For fans, or “Solarheads” as Mike McMahan calls them, the wall is a crucial part of the Solar Opposites story. For the writers, it's an excuse to include a heavily serialized “show within our show” that prioritizes drama and politics over comedy. While the Schlorpian’s have wacky sci-fi adventures, the shrunken humans have to battle it out to create new lives for themselves entirely at the whims of their young alien overlords. Talk about duality.

When we left off in Season 3, The Wall was embroiled in its own “monster movie” inspired murder mystery that ended with Cherie being separated from her beloved daughter, Pezlie. At New York Comic Con (NYCC) this week, Mike McMahan revealed some pretty crazy new details on what will happen within The Wall in Season 4.

Cherie will be embarking on a “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Cold War thriller” adventure to reunite with her daughter. Despite a new “wall in the wall” and a “Handmaid’s Tale” style theocratic facist ruling force keeping them apart, she will stop at nothing to get her back.

Will Cherie be pushing her luck? Or will this test be yet another epic achievement for the coolest Benihana server ever?

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