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Star Trek: Picard showed its true Trek heart with the best quote from the new episode [Warp Factor #8]

By Brian Silliman

In case things have gotten too dark for you in the 24th century, Episode 8 of Star Trek: Picard brought in some of that classic Trek spirit. Not a moment too soon!

Things are rough for the crew of La Sirena right now, and the new episode is rightfully titled "Broken Pieces." Everyone is struggling, save for Jean-Luc (who got a break from all of his worries last week) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd), who is now in the position of having to take care of others.

By the end of the installment, we finally have answers as to why Captain Rios (Santiago Cabrera) is, well, like he is. He's a loner, he always reads mopey philosophy, and he'd certainly be able to kick Lord Byron's butt. He's also been through some serious tragedy that continues to affect him, and the arrival of Soji (Isa Briones) on his ship brings this out.

Who should come to his spiritual rescue? Picard himself (Patrick Stewart), pretty much laying out what Star Trek is all about. The Zhat Vash is a threat, and they have secrecy and fear. What do we have? As he says:

"The past is written, but the future is left for us to write, and we have powerful tools, Rios. Openness, optimism, and the spirit of curiosity."

If those three assets aren't at the very core of Trek, then what is? What is boldly going worth in the first place without a spirit of curiosity?

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