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'Make it so': 6 'Star Trek' TV shows we want to see on Paramount+

It's a Star Trek Renaissance right now on Paramount+. Here are some Trek spinoffs we'd love to see materialize (reference!)

By Vanessa Armstrong
Star Trek: Picard 201 - Guinan PRESS

Paramount+ isn’t messing around with Star Trek. With Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and the upcoming Strange New Worlds, the streaming platform already has five new Trek shows in the works.

There’s no such thing as too much Star Trek, however, and with Paramount+ clearly showing an appetite to create new series that cover different parts of the Trek universe, we can’t help but consider what other Star Trek shows we’d love to see on the streaming platform. 

Here’s a list of some fun Trek spinoff ideas that we would love to watch.

1. Seven of Nine, the Fenris Ranger

Star Trek: Picard 105 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine PRESS

It’s been wonderful to have Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine back in Star Trek: Picard. In that series, we learn that Seven is part of the Fenris Rangers, a Robin Hood-like organization that is pledged to protect the weak and vulnerable from those in power who don’t have the best intentions. This spinoff could focus on Seven’s quasi-anarchist work for the Rangers across the Neutral Zone and involve her dispensing vigilante justice wherever she travels. 

2. Guinan overseeing things at 10 Forward, Cheers style (or not)

Star Trek: Picard 201 Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan PRESS

We got a peek of Guinan’s Earth-bound 10 Forward bar in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard. We’ve never had a Star Trek show based on Earth, for understandable reasons  — Star Trek is about exploring new worlds and new civilizations, after all.

This show, however, could focus on Guinan’s bar on Earth over the centuries, or perhaps could focus on another 10 Forward she establishes in the outskirts of the galaxy before she meets Picard in The Next Generation. A bar is a meeting place, one where many folks mingle together. The show could focus on far-off visitors entering the place or it could focus on a set of regulars, just like Cheers.

3. That Section 31 show starring Michelle Yeoh 

Star Trek: Discovery 302 Michelle Yoeh PRESS

We’ve heard rumors for years that a Discovery spinoff focused on Michelle Yeoh’s mirror universe Philippa Georgiou working at the shady organization Section 31 is in the works. The pandemic appears to have thrown progress on this series off-course, but here’s to hoping we’ll see more of Yeoh’s Georgiou sooner rather than later. 

4. The Adventures of Grudge and Book

Star Trek: Discovery - Grudge and Book PRESS

We first met Grudge the cat and her owner, Book, in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. While Book’s relationship with Michael is one of the highlights from that series, it’d also be interesting to see more of Book and Grudge in their courier days before they met Michael. How many endangered species will they save? What fun nicknames will Book's courier contacts give him? How many times will they stick it to the Emerald Chain? We’d certainly tune in to find out. 

5. My So-Called Starfleet Academy

Star Trek: Discovery 404, Tilly and Adira PRESS

We’ve spent some time with cadets in Starfleet Academy, but we haven’t had a whole series devoted to what it’s like going to school there. This could be the teen-focused spinoff of Star Trek, where we follow a group of cadets facing the drama of being a teenager in an intense learning environment. This could take place in several places on the Trek timeline, from TOS through the 32nd Century on Discovery

6. A Ferengi-Focused Series

Star Trek: Lower Decks 204, Ferengi PRESS

The Ferengi are a species that has had a presence on many Star Trek series, most recently in Prodigy. Arguably the most famous Ferengi is Quark, who managed a bar on Deep Space Nine and who presented himself as a ruthless, amoral business owner, but who was someone that ultimately cared for his friends, even Odo. It would be interesting to see a show that centered on a species that has often been represented in the Trek universe as shady and unreliable.