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Star Wars fans gather for a party in Canto Bight

By Bryan Young
Canto Bight cosplay at Star Wars Celebration 2019

Canto Bight.

It’s a place full of the worst people in the galaxy, doing any depraved act and participating in every vice. It’s no wonder that Canto Bight was the theme of the multi-fan-club party held at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The party was held as a joint effort of all the major fan clubs in Star Wars, including the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, The Dark Empire, Droid Builders, Saber Guild, and the Galactic Academy.

It was a place where 3,000 Star Wars fans gathered to drink, dance, and show off their most outlandish costumes. So many dressed up in their best Canto Bight-themed formal wear. The Master Codebreaker was everywhere.

One pair of Canto Bight denizens even dressed up their Kowokian Monkey Lizard in a tuxedo. And then gave him alcohol.

Canto Bight Security was also in full effect. These security costumes were much more elaborate than one would expect. Formal, ornate, and functional. It’s hard to imagine people spent time on these costumes for a section of the movie “no one likes.”

The band played a lot of hits with Star Wars fans, including “Jedi Rocks” and the rare, basic-language version of “Lapti Nek.”

At one point, they even dragged three Star Wars luminaries on stage to accompany them. Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla) and Jett Lucas (Zett Jukassa) came up to play cowbell, and Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger) joined them on tambourine.

Star Wars fans partied into the night, rubbing elbows with actors from the films and cartoons, drinking, and doing mock gambling at the Canto Bight game tables. Though it wasn’t as elaborate as the Canto Bight set up for the after-party of the release of The Last Jedi, it was impressive that fans were able to pull it together for themselves at such a high-profile event.

And really, this is what Star Wars Celebration is all about. Fans coming together to celebrate the thing they love. And, as Rose Tico said in The Last Jedi, “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate; saving what we love.”