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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Rebel or scoundrel? Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge offers a sneak peek at its cast members

By Brian Silliman
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Concept Art- Falcon landing at Black Spire Disney Parks

The Star Wars themed expansion to Disney Parks, the biggest expansion the company has ever created, continues to move ever closer to throwing open its blast doors for the rabid public. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will take park denizens to Black Spire Outpost, located on the fringe planet of Batuu. As is usual with Disney Parks, the outpost will be filled with "cast members," actor/employees who will help to sell the immersive experience. We now have a look at what some of these cast members will be wearing.

According to The Orange County Register, a "cast party" was held at the Disneyland location last night (the other location being Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida). Part of the private party included a costume reveal, which showed how the good people of Black Spire will dress in the hot Anaheim/Orlando sun. They're not all good people, though — as the experience takes place during the sequel trilogy, the First Order will have a big presence at the outpost, and some employees will be donning the Neo-Imperial wannabe/fanboy uniforms (freshly pressed, of course) of that feel-good group of villains.

It's still Disney, however, so whether the characters are heroes, villains, or scoundrels with secret hearts, they'll still need one very important thing — nametags. Disneyland President Josh Damaro showed his off on Instagram, which, yep, has his name printed twice ... once in English, and once in Aurebesh. That's a nice touch.

Then came the costumes themselves, which according to The Register feature "mix-and-match styles including four tops, five bottoms and, for the first time, accessories." As you can see below in pics tweeted out by a Disney Brand Ambassador, there appears to be an interesting mix of scoundrels, cooks, and people just trying to live their best Batuu lives.

The Twitter account Disney Examiner posted some additional photos, beginning with this interesting quartet of outfits, which is slightly upstaged by one very eye-catching hat:

They also tweeted some other costumes displayed on intergalactic mannequins, two of which definitely reveal First Order uniforms:

Other photos were tweeted by @DisneylandDrive, where more of the First Order look can be seen, as well as some lovely yellow Cassian Andor-esque shoulder pad accents. Also, there's that hat again. You know the one we mean.

In case you like what you're seeing, you may be wondering if guests will be able to buy some of the clothing that will be on display all around them. We're going to go out on an Uneti tree limb and say ... yeah, probably. Some of us are going to need one of those semi-flat hats to keep us cool under the hot Batuu sun.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is scheduled to open at Disneyland in the spring, and at Walt Disney World in the fall. Lines are probably already forming, so punch it.