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Cal Kestis is a thorn in the Empire's side in epic trailer for 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor' video game

Cal Kestis is back, and he's much more than a Padawan this time.

By Matthew Jackson
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Game Awards arrived Thursday night, and in addition to celebrating the best of current games, we also, as expected, got a lot of new looks at games coming soon. One of those games was the much-anticipated Jedi: Fallen Order sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, and the new trailer for Cal Kestis' next adventure definitely did not disappoint.

Survivor picks up five years after the events of Fallen Order, and quite a bit seems to have changed for Cal. He's no longer the struggling, eager Padawan doing his best to survive in a world in which the Empire wants him dead. The Empire still wants him dead, of course, but this time around Cal is a full-blown Jedi Knight, and he's got the scruffy beard and the dual-wielding lightsabers to prove it. These days, he might be the most wanted man on the Empire's radar, but that doesn't mean he's content to lie low.

No, Cal is going to keep fighting through all manner of Stormtrooper patrols, creatures, and ragtag space warriors with a grudge against the Jedi, even as new enemies threaten to rise from the shadows and make his journey even harder.

"What's important to know contextually is not just about Cal but about the world around him, which is that the Empire has grown stronger. There are very few footholds of Resistance left, and the situation is increasingly more desperate and dark," star Cameron Monaghan, who portrays Cal, explained to Entertainment Weekly. "So we're putting Cal into circumstances that are challenging to the point of even being hopeless. Trying to find that fight, and how you're supposed to fight within a seemingly hopeless situation, is an interesting question we wanted to launch into immediately. I think most of the story speaks for itself, and even if you're not familiar with the first game, you could easily jump into this one and catch up quickly."

Check out the trailer below:

And of course, with Cal's new look and new maturity come new ways to explore the world of Star Wars. In keeping with the exploratory sensibility of the first game, Survivor will come with plenty of new planets to dig into, as well as new ways to play with Cal's growing Force abilities. The same fun combat system is back, but you get new abilities to unlock this time around, and of course, new ways to use your lightsaber. You even, if the trailer is to be believe, get a new lightsaber.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor arrives March 17, 2023 on PS5, XBox Series X/S, and PC.