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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge

Jedi Temple Challenge: First Star Wars game show drops nostalgic trailer ahead of June premiere

By Josh Weiss
Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge

The galactic games begin in the first trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. Harkening back to the classic Nickelodeon game shows of the 1990s and early 2000s, Jedi Temple Challenge (hosted by Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best) is basically Legends of the Hidden Temple with a fun, Lucasfilm twist.

Interestingly, the series will not premiere on Disney+ as we all previously assumed, but on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. The first episode arrives Wednesday, June 3 and subsequent installments are set to debut each week thereafter.

Facing "three challenging rounds of Jedi trials," teams of two will vie for a chance to enter the fabled Jedi Temple, probe "the mysteries inside, and prove their bravery to become Jedi Knights." Dressed in sweeping Jedi robes, Best serves as master of ceremonies alongside two droids: one a wise-cracking, bipedal bot voiced by Veep's Mary Holland meant to recall C-3PO, the other a beep-booping Astromech droid meant to recall R2-D2.

Check out the trailer now:

As you can see, Padawan contestants must prove both their physical prowess (by completing obstacle courses on distant planets) and mental knowledge (by answering trivia questions and solving puzzles aboard Jedi Star Cruisers and the like) — all while avoiding the temptation of the Dark Side. If Anakin Skywalker competed on the show, he'd probably lose.

"With Jedi Temple Challenge, it brings back this idea that we all have levels of connection to the Force, and you can actually grow your connection to the Force and it can become stronger through these trials at this temple," Best said in early April. "All of those things that Yoda did with Luke Skywalker at Dagobah in the swamp, this is where it was first. It was in this temple. You had to get good here. I dig that. It’s something that I think would be wonderful for kids. Because now there’s a path to this thing ... Now there are actual steps you can take to being a strong Jedi. It gives you belief and faith."