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Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy was eyeing Nia DaCosta for Star Wars before Marvel snapped her up

By Jacob Oller
Kathleen Kennedy and Nia DaCosta

In February, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy reiterated her dedication to getting more women in the director's chair for Star WarsThe Mandalorian, the live-action Disney+ show, showcased her progress on that front, with directors Bryce Dallas Howard and Deborah Chow (the latter of which is helming an Obi-Wan limited series starring Ewan McGregor) tackling episodes. Now Kennedy has revealed another genre heavy-hitter who she was hoping to get behind the camera for a Star Wars project: Candyman's Nia DaCosta. The only problem? Marvel already got her on the hook to enter the MCU as its first Black female director.

Speaking to The Wrap, Kennedy explained how diversifying the behind-the-camera talent was still a priority for her. "It’s absolutely a priority. It’s been very exciting to see the talent that’s come in," she said. "And we’re now developing the limited Obi-Wan Kenobi series with Deborah Chow, and she’s just been doing a phenomenal job." When it came to specific new names, however, Kennedy only listed one — who was safely out of the running because of commitments to another massive Disney-owned genre franchise.

"I was actually sad because I love Nia DaCosta, who was just announced to do Captain Marvel (the sequel)," Kennedy said. "She’s another director I’ve been watching, and I think she’s enormously talented."

But that doesn't mean more folks aren't standing out to the Star Wars boss. Those looking to catch her eye (or those looking to predict the next female Star Wars director) might gravitate towards genre TV, where plenty of women are showing off their abilities to handle everything a galaxy far, far away could throw at them.

"Certainly, the kind of television that’s being made now is going to give many people an opportunity to direct more and be more involved with shows that have special effects and extended production values," Kennedy said. "It really gives people an opportunity to move into big technical movies. That’s exciting. I think we can develop a lot of new talent and it’s about time."

Captain Marvel 2, directed by DaCosta, is scheduled to hit theaters July 8, 2022.