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This Star Wars wristwatch inspired by the Death Star includes a Rogue One prop, costs $150,000

By Josh Weiss

Swiss design studio Kross has partnered with Lucasfilm for a limited edition Star Wars collector's wristwatch inspired by the Death Star. Did we mention that the item in question will run you 150,000 credits? In our galaxy that comes out to $150,000 U.S.

Time to bet on the pod races or trade in that old Beskar you have lying around the house.

Yeah, the price tag is as steep as they come, but you're not just getting a watch — you're also getting a screen-used kyber crystal from 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The prequel to 1977's A New Hope explored the origin of the Empire's most devastating weapon, revealing that the deadly space station was powered by kyber, the very same substance used in a Jedi's lightsaber.

"Most of Kross Studio's founders have been major fans of Star Wars since their childhoods," Kross co-founder and CEO Marco Tedeschi exclusively tells SYFY WIRE. "Collaborating with Lucasfilm is a dream come true, where we could explore all our skills in design, watchmaking, and engineering to create a never-seen-before collector set. We are also very excited about the next products to come soon!"

In addition to the watch and crystal prop, buyers will receive a detailed, half-scale recreation of the crates used to transport kyber.

According to Kross, more than 700 parts were required for each hand-assembled, hand-painted container of wood and aluminum. The 3.94-foot crate "is divided into nine storage units," the studio writes in the press release. "Three interior sections secure three removable capsules, containing: the Death Star Tourbillon watch, three accompanying timepiece straps sets, and the genuine movie prop kyber crystal, as featured in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The other six free storage spaces within the crate offer ample storage space for collectors to house their personal Star Wars collectibles and ephemera, secured within a removable top cover."

As for the watch itself, you're getting one of the best time pieces this side of the Outer Rim. The specs include the following:

  • A 45 mm black DLC coated grade 5 titanium case
  • A Death Star-inspired Tourbillon cage makes one revolution per minute
  • A mini-green super-laser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s kyber crystal enabled power
  • The Galactic Empire emblem and the push-button, which features an engraving in Aurebesh script (one of the most widely used alphabets in the Star Wars galaxy)
  • A patentend D-ring shaped crown on the case back for winding the timepiece, stowed out of sight to help maintain the timepiece’s sleek, space-age styling
  • An hour hand shaped like Imperial-Class Star Destroyer and a minute hand shaped like a Super-Class Star Destroyer
  • A fixed hours wheel, filled with white superluminova "blue emission", is inspired by the lighting halls embedded in the Imperial vessels

Only 10 sets are being produced. You can get more info on the official Kross Studios website. Check out all the details in the gallery below: