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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance debuts first episode of Season 2 at Star Wars Celebration

By Jacob Oller
Star Wars Resistance Episode 21 Kaz and Tora

Star Wars Resistance is coming back for Season 2 after leaving off at a point where literally nobody knew where it'd end up. The Disney Channel/XD animated show (featuring the voices of live-action Star Wars stars like Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie) shot off into hyperspace and didn't look back — now fans know a bit more about where the The Force Awakens-adjacent show is headed.

SYFY WIRE attended the show's panel at Star Wars Celebration, which was led by Executive Producers Justin Ridge, Athena Portillo, and Brandon Auman alongside representatives from the voice cast including Christopher Sean, Scott Lawrence,
Bobby Moynihan, Donald Faison, Suzie McGrath, and Myrna Velasco.

The first season was initially a hot topic of discussion. "Early on we wanted to have an anime influence," Ridge said, name-dropping Miyazaki when referring to what they wanted to weave into traditional Star Wars. All the supervisors from the former animated shows contributed to Resistance — starting all the way back in 2015. And that was just art and design — the writers started way back in 2016, according to Portillo. "We knew right from the beginning that the Colossus was a ship," Ridge said of the storyline that was without Jedi, without the Force, and more focused on the working class of the Star Wars universe. Fans that were blindsided by the split-up and surprising finale — well, it was planned from the start.

Portillo also commented that Hype was designed specifically with Faison in mind. As far as the expanded cast, Sean commented that some of Kaz's comedy was his own invention, as he brought a bit of his own silliness to the role when he and the writers were fleshing him out. Moynihan too said that he's allowed a little bit of improvisation in his scenes, but it's mostly scripted.

Then they dove into something even cooler: the first episode of Season 2. Tam becomes a full-fledged First Order pilot, the gang deals with some zero-G shenanigans, and there's a ball droid fight — and it all looks awesome.

Season 2 of Star Wars Resistance starts up right when where it left off, Ridge confirmed, acknowledging that it'd head into The Last Jedi's timeline. Star Wars Resistance returns for season two in late 2019.

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