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SYFY WIRE Mark Hamill

Star Wars vs. Star Trek becomes hilarious war of words in Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart's new ad

By Jacob Oller
Patrick Stewart versus Mark Hamill

Star Wars' Mark Hamill and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart are finally squaring off in a battle between sci-fi legends — and not since Fred and Ginger has there been as heated a debate over the pronounciation of "tomato."

The two representatives of their respective sides of nerd culture have taken to a grimey warehouse in a new Uber Eats ad, where the thespians square off in a battle of elocution. Of course, Hamill's brought a baseball bat while Stewart is armed (Shaun of the Dead style) with a cricket bat. The two performers are no strangers to comedy (just watch Hamill's cameo in the second season of What We Do in the Shadows), but together the combined gravitas and deadpan is almost too much.

Take a look:

Aside from the "to-may-to," "to-mah-to" thing, there's also some kind of Darth Vader joke in here somewhere, though Stewart and Hamill seem a bit confused as to the writing of the bit itself.

"Careful Hamill, daddy's not here to save you," Stewart mocks. But whose daddy is...who exactly? "Oh, I am my daddy!" Hamill claims. Anakin's going to be mad about that one. And let's not even touch the possibilities when bringing up the wordplay around The Next Generation. To quote George Gershwin, let's call the whole thing off.

While the tomato debate rages on across the Atlantic, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate continues as well. Where do you land?