Comic-Con@Home: Stargate Atlantis reunion brings back cast's memories of Comic-Cons past

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Comic-Con@Home: Stargate Atlantis reunion brings back cast's memories of Comic-Cons past

By Vanessa Armstrong

Stargate Atlantis first aired 17 years ago, and some of the cast got together during Comic-Con@Home to reminisce about the show's five seasons and 100 episodes.

David Read of the Dial the Gate moderated the panel, which included David Hewlett (Rodney McKay), Torri Higginson (Elizabeth Weir), Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan), Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett), Rainbow Sun Francks (Aiden Ford), David Nykl (Radek Zelenka), and Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey).

Check out the panel here:

The cast members had a friendly catch-up and shared what they’ve been up to for the last decade or so and also during the pandemic times. (Higginson, for example, made her garage into a guest house while Picardo made a YouTube channel where he posted videos of himself as different characters).

The cast also talked about how being part of a show with such a large fandom was initially intimidating, specifically their first time at San Diego Comic-Con.

“It was crazy!” Francks recalled. The cast had no idea that thousands of fans would come out to their panel, and they were more than a little overwhelmed and, at least some of them, were not feeling so great.

“The studio gave us all free liquor the night before,” Higginson explained. “So we all had a hangover that only new actors with free liquor would have. We thought no one's going to be at that convention because they're all mad at us because they think we're killing SG-1, and then we walked out and it was like a football field of people.”

The cast all realized after that Comic-Con that they were part of something special. “Everyone can relate to certain characters in the show,” McGillion said when asked why he thought people loved Atlantis. “People can find the character that they related to on the show, and that's why I think people were really drawn towards it."

During the end of the virtual event, the panelists were also grateful for each other. “We all just had the most terrific cast,” Luttrell said. “I mean honestly we got along with each other organically, easily from the get-go. So I think that that just translated, It just carried forth into what we brought on screen. We were very, very lucky. That doesn't always happen.”

Stargate Atlantis is currently available on Hulu.

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