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Brad Wright's 'Stargate' revival project is likely dead: 'Timing couldn't have been much worse'

Amazon's $8 billion acquisition of MGM means the 'gate will stay closed for a while longer.

By Josh Weiss
Jack and Sam Stargate SG-1 Press

It sounds like Amazon's $8 billion acquisition of MGM last year hasn't exactly opened the gate on a small screen revival of Stargate. At least not yet.

Replying to a fan question on Twitter this week, original series co-creator Brad Wright stated his hope of bringing back the beloved sci-fi title back with an in-canon revival is "likely destined to gather dust" now that MGM — which originally hired him to write a pilot script just before the COVID-19 pandemic — has changed hands. "Timing couldn't have been much worse," he admitted. "All the players have changed in the interim."

In another tweet published on Halloween, Wright voiced his confidence that Amazon "will make another Stargate," although he's not directly involved with that decision-making process. "It may just take some time for them to decide what they want to do," he explained. "But they own it. Not me." Regardless, it remains a popular sci-fi franchise, so it stands to reason they'll look to leverage that IP in some way, at some point.

During an exclusive interview with SYFY WIRE last November, Wright teased that he was working on the idea of the world finally learning about the top-secret Stargate program, "for better or for worse."

He continued: "Keeping all of that technology from the world at a time when we could really use it, at a time when climate change is a genuine threat, at a time when there was a pandemic that we sure could have used a fix for, for example. The world needs to find out. The secret needs to get out especially since we have come so far and will have come so far after another 11 or 12 years."

The Stargate franchise ran for more than a decade on the small screen, with three TV shows and hundreds of hours of sci-fi adventures. But it's been pretty much dormant the past several years following the cancellation of Stargate Universe in 2011. Despite that, the show has maintained a vibrant and engaged fan community, with fans discovering and rediscovering the various shows thanks to streaming over the past several years.

Looking for more epic sci-fi? The Ark, a new TV project from Stargate co-creator Dean Devlin, premieres on SYFY next year.