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‘Stargirl’ finds its Obsidian (aka Green Lantern’s son) ahead of Season 3

Is this the family reunion Jade’s been looking for?

By Benjamin Bullard
Stargirl Season 1

Stargirl is getting ready to merge with the shadows for its upcoming third season, casting a new hero to join the gang as the elusive son of Green Lantern.

The CW has tapped actor Tim Gabriel (S.W.A.T.) to play the role of Obsidian (aka Todd Rice), via Entertainment Weekly, meaning we’ll finally be able to put a face with all the missing-brother backstory the show’s so far only hinted at. A comics-based superhero with stealth skills galore, Obsidian is twin brother to Jade (played by Ysa Penarejo) in addition to being the offspring of Alan Scott (aka Green Lantern).

Last season gave fans a quick glimpse into the past, with Jade (aka Jennie-Lynn Hayden) receiving a mysterious gift that included her father’s iconic Green Lantern ring, as well as a car toy that had belonged to her brother. That eventually sent Jade off in search of her missing twin, as we learned in a blink-and-you’ll miss it bonus scene, where Nurse Louise Love mentions at the Helix Institute that Jade is on the hunt. In the comics, Obsidian and Jade eventually end up on opposite sides of the whole good-versus-evil divide…which lends his appearance on the series all kinds of intriguing possibilities.

Obsidian may be new to Stargirl, but he’s been around in the comics since the 1980s. Introduced as an LGBTQ hero in 1983 in DC’s All-Star Squadron #25, he’s got his own deep history with the Justice Society as an Infinity, Inc. member. And his superpowered skill set is definitely geared toward the sneaky. Thanks to his connection with the Shadowlands, he not only can merge with the shadows, but his body can also take flight with an ethereal form that allows him to pass to solid objects (and, crucially, for solid objects to miss him).

Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) already has enough on her high school plate with her behind-the-scenes superhero side gig, but it looks like she’ll be even busier this season helping cement the ties that bind her corner of the DC hero-verse. The potential for a Scott family reunion isn’t the only come-together story in the works for Stargirl’s Season 3. The Justice Society is stepping up its game in general, with Joel McHale stepping out of his previous recurring role as Starman (aka Sylvester Pemberton) and into a Season 3 series regular gig.

The CW hasn’t revealed a premiere date for Season 3 of Stargirl, but expect new episodes — and Obsidian with them — to arrive sometime this summer.