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Stories you might not know about Salem (the Witch City)


Over three centuries ago, the city of Salem became infamous because of its witch trials. That mass hysteria led to 19 women and men losing their lives after being falsely accused of witchcraft. However, the Salem of 2019 is a very different place from the Salem of 1692. Now, the Puritans' worst fears have been realized and Salem has been transformed into a place that welcomes witches and embraces its past.

SYFY WIRE's Angelique Roche recently visited Salem to learn more about the remarkable change that has come over the city. It's not inaccurate to say that the city is ashamed about the witch trials. But the days of sweeping that history under the rug are over. Angelique even got to visit a museum dedicated to chronicling that tragedy from a modern perspective.

Did you know that the evolution of witches in pop culture paved the way for change in Salem? The Wizard of Oz's good witches helped play a part in that. But there’s a very specific reason why Elizabeth Montgomery's Bewitched heroine, Samantha Stephens, has a statue in Salem. Bewitched went a long way towards changing the public perception of witches and Montgomery actually filmed a few episodes of the series in Salem.

During the trip, Angelique also visited a few of the modern day witches in Salem and participated in their rituals. Additionally, she had the chance to speak with one of the leading Satanists in Salem as he explained how his organization has challenged the blurring of the lines between church and state.

For more witch stories from Salem, check out the full video!