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Supergirl noooo!! Marv Wolfman and more DC all-stars look back on Crisis on Infinite Earths

By Mike Avila

In 1985, Crisis on Infinite Earths revitalized the DC Universe and unveiled a new era of epic comic book crossovers.

At the time, there had never been anything that could match the immense scale of Crisis. It was a passion project for Marv Wolfman as he was given the Herculean task of boiling down DC to its essential elements for a fresh start. He was joined by his New Teen Titans collaborator and artist George Perez for the entire 12-issue tale... but according to Wolfman, Perez wasn't always going to tackle the story of a lifetime.

"George Perez was the artist, but he wasn't originally going to be the artist. We didn't have one," admits Wolfman. "George and I had been doing Teen Titans for years, so he wanted to go off and start writing as well. I encouraged that because he was really good. But as I would tell him what we were doing, because we were still working on Titans, he said 'if you don’t have an artist, can I draw it?' I said 'thank God! Thank you, yes. That's why I kept telling you what we were doing.'"

Perez's arresting layouts and imagery remain iconic almost 35 years later. Although Perez finally retired from comics earlier this year, his legacy lives on television next month: The CW is adapting Crisis on Infinite Earths as a five-part crossover beginning on Sunday, December 8 with Supergirl.

But considering that the original Crisis killed Supergirl, should we be concerned for the Girl of Steel?

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