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Supergirl's series finale is on the way, and Melissa Benoist promises massive reunion to cap things off

By Matthew Jackson
 James Olsen Supergirl Mehcad Brooks

Supergirl still has a dozen episodes to go before wrapping up its celebrated six-season run later this year, which means we still don't know exactly where the story will take Kara Danvers and company for her final adventure. What we do know, though, is that Kara will be far from alone when she takes flight one last time, as star Melissa Benoist has confirmed a major superheroic reunion for the show's last hurrah.

Earlier this week, Supergirl co-star David Harewood, who plays J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter on The CW series, posted a photo to his Instagram revealing former co-stars Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott/Toyman) and Chris Wood (Mon-El) in costume on the show's set, suggesting some kind of major homecoming for the two Legionnaires.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Benoist confirmed that both actors, who left the series as main cast members in Season 3 when their characters went to the future to be part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, will be on hand for the series finale later this year, and they won't be alone. Mehcad Brooks, who played James Olsen/Guardian on the first five seasons of the show, will also be along for the ride in the final episode.

"It would not have felt right if they hadn't come back," Benoist said. "I loved seeing my friends. [Laughs] I loved seeing Mehcad Brooks. I loved seeing Jeremy. I loved having Chris back, obviously. I don't think it would've been a right goodbye if the people who came back hadn't come back, so I'm very grateful that they did. It's always difficult to get that many people back in the same place, especially in the pandemic, so I'm really glad it worked out that way."

It's not the first time these characters have reunited since their time on Supergirl ended. Both Winn Schott and Mon-El were on hand for the show's 100th episode last year, and of course James Olsen just departed at the end of Season 5 to go work for his hometown newspaper. As far as what brings everyone back this time around, Benoist wouldn't spill details, but she did note that "Story-wise, it's really lovely the capacity in which all the characters return."

Supergirl completed shooting on its series finale earlier this month. The final episode does not yet have an airdate.