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SYFY WIRE Swamp Thing

Things get slimy in the first full and gruesome trailer for DC Universe's Swamp Thing

By Josh Weiss
Swamp Thing DC Universe

Blub... blub...blub... The full trailer for DC Universe's Swamp Thing series has arrived, and it looks just as terrifying as ever, while filling a few more gaps in the central plot.

Someone is illegally dumping dangerous chemicals into a swamp, which is now affecting the citizens of an adjacent town and making them terribly ill. Mother Nature isn't all too happy about that and begins fighting back in the form of Her horrifying avatar, Swamp Thing (played by Derek Mears). The monster's human alter ego, scientist Alec Holland, is played by It: Chapter Two's Andy Bean.

"It's in the superhero universe, but he's not necessarily a superhero," executive producer Len Wiseman recently said at a special screening of the first two episodes in Los Angeles. "The chance to do something in the DC Universe that was more slanted towards horror was very exciting to me. Also, the time [the script] took to go into the origin story, I was fascinated by that."

Check out the new footage:

The full trailer also gives us glimpses of Kevin Durand's Jason Woodrue, the show's main antagonist, who wants to capture Swamp Thing for scientific study. Woodrue eventually turns into Holland's monstrous enemy, the Floronic Man. If you pay attention at the 1:53 mark, you'll get to see Ian Ziering as Daniel Cassidy/The Blue Devil.

With the main story revolving around a government official attempting to track down the source of poison in the swamp of a small town, one can probably rest assured that the show will hold relevant parallels to the water crisis going on in Flint, Michigan.

Crystal Reed, Leonardo Nam, Jeryl Prescott, Maria Stein, Will Patton, and Jennifer Beals make up the rest of the principal cast.

Produced by James Wan, Season 1 of Swamp Thing premieres on DC Universe this Friday, May 31. Official reviews have been very promising thus far, with critics describing the series as "complex" and "artfully gory."