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Watch: A deep-space disaster rips a ship apart in first 5 minutes of SYFY’s ‘The Ark’

Ahead of the The Ark's series premiere, check out the first heart-pounding moments of Episode 1.

By Trent Moore
The Ark Episode 1 Sneak Peek

We’re just a week away from the premiere of SYFY’s new original series The Ark, and we have the first five minutes as a sneak peek at all the deep space chaos to come.

How to Watch

Catch up on The Ark on Peacock or the SYFY app.

The series, created by Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1), is set 100 years in the future and follows a deep space mission to colonize a faraway planet. The action kicks off when the crew awakens early from their cryo-pods to realize the ship is literally coming apart. What happened? Who will make it? Check out the first five minutes to see the disaster in action and find out.

Watch the series premiere’s opening scene above!

The series premieres Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 10/9c on SYFY, with episodes streaming next-day on Peacock.

As you can see, something has definitely gone wrong on the Ark 1’s mission — but thankfully the young crew that survives is full of enough quick thinkers to at least survive the moment. As for the next few moments? Well, you’ll have to watch the pilot to see what comes next.

"What people care most about is the characters," Devlin recently told SYFY WIRE about the series. "Do they relate to them? Are they unique? Are they surprising? Are they compelling? Do I love them? Do I hate them? And yes, our plots are important, the stories are important, but it's always secondary to the characters. So the trick is trying to make a diverse group of people who think differently, who act differently, who talk differently. And then to find actors who are compelling; people you want to watch week after week."

The series stars Christie Burke, Richard Fleeshman, Reece Ritchie, Stacey Read, and Ryan Adams, along with a large ensemble of supporting stars.

The Ark premieres Wednesday, Feb,. 1 at 10/9c on SYFY, with episodes streaming next-day on Peacock.