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'Resident Alien' Season 2: Learn more about Goliath's trippy street art in mid-season finale After Show

How many elusive street artists are actually just aliens in disguise? Think about it...

By Josh Weiss
The Resident Alien After Show – Episode 208

Who do you turn to when you need New York City murals painted by an elusive street artist who is secretly an alien in disguise? Why, you turn to Joe Vaux, of course! Known for his work on television projects such as Family Guy and Big Mouth, the California-based creative was tapped to create all of Goliath's trippy pieces in Season 2 of SYFY's Resident Alien.

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Appearing on the official 'Resident Alien After Show' for tonight's mid-season finale, showrunner/executive producer Chris Sheridan recalled how he shared Vaux's work with the other writers on the show, who responded incredibly well to the otherworldly aesthetic.

"Honestly, I really don't know what we would've done," Sheridan said, referring to the nightmare scenario in which the artist turned down the offer. He later continued: "We put up those paintings on set in the loft and Alan Tudyk was like, 'Oh my God, who painted this?! This is incredible!' Everyone was looking at them, all [of] the crew was looking at these pictures, which never happens, by the way. It's always background stuff for them. [But in this instance,] everyone was going up to them, staring at them."

"It was such a thrill to be called upon to be used in this way," Vaux added. "I love the fact that my aunt and my mom are both in extended care hospital places — and I'm just worried about their health right now — but they both took the time to watch these shows. They called me right after on East Coast time and they were like, 'Oh my God! The scene with this and that!' And I'm like, 'I haven't seen it yet! What are you doing?! Stop!' I'm out on the West Coast and they're calling right after they viewed it... Thank you, Resident Alien; thank you, Chris. The cast is amazing [so] keep doing what you're doing out there. It's so good."

While all of the pieces featured in Episode 6 have already been sold to collectors, fans can pick up recreated prints via Threadless. The first mural that Harry (Tudyk) and Asta (Sara Tomko) comes across in Manhattan depicts an octopus-like creature, which was meant to be a callback to the death of 42 earlier in the episode. Goliath may be gone, but his legacy lives on through his paintings and... you know... a human-alien hybrid baby that enjoys eating raccoons.

Episodes 1-8 of Resident Alien Season 2 are now available to stream on the SYFY app and Peacock. The back half of the season will premiere sometime this summer. In the meantime, click here for more Resident Alien goodness.

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