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'Tales From The Hood 3' stalks toward October SYFY premiere with new trailer

By Benjamin Bullard
Tony Todd in Tales From the Hood 3

We’ve been eyeing the third installment in recently-revived Tales From the Hood franchise for a while now, and today comes the horrifically sweet news that the horror franchise will be slashing onto Blu-ray and VOD, as well as SYFY — all right in time for Halloween.

Tales From the Hood 3 stalked onto social media this week to take the wraps off a new trailer that ventures perhaps farther than the franchise has ever before into true psychological horror. Presiding over the anthology's vigilant lookout for every bad thing is genre legend Tony Todd, whose grizzled, seen-it-all presence looks to give Tales 3 even more angst in the existential dread department.

Yep, the clowns are back — but in the 'hood, no one’s laughing. Executive produced by Spike Lee (and even sporting a Blu-ray box cover that looks like an alternate horror-verse take on Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna), Tales 3 not only brings back Todd to keep its old-school credentials on point; it also comes from Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott — the creative duo behind the first 1995 anthology, as well as the Lee-produced sequel from 2018.

Okay, okay, but what about those dates? Tales From the Hood 3 is set to hit Blu-ray and digital on-demand beginning Oct. 6, with the new anthology also set to make its network premiere at SYFY sometime in October. In each case, that gives fans plenty of time (and ways to watch) to get a head start on all those pre-Halloween demons.