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TCAs: Noah Hawley teases what's to come in the third and final season of Legion

By Tara Bennett & Christian Long
Legion FX

The Television Critics Association winter press tour carried on today, and the cast and crew of the X-adjacent series Legion were on hand to discuss the show's final eight episodes ahead of their premiere on FX in June.

Creator and showrunner Noah Hawley confirmed what FX head John Landgraf said earlier today: that the upcoming third season would be the last. "Endings are what give stories meaning," said Hawley. "It felt like three acts of a story and a natural place to end it."

Hawley also said that the third season will deal with the ramifications of what happened between David (Dan Stevens) and Syd (Rachel Keller) in Season 2. "In comic book universe, morality is very simple. On the adult side, it’s more complicated, with mental illness and people committing sins on a personal scale. When you break a story down to characters, David is acting based on his own beliefs. On Syd’s side, she was robbed of her consent. My goal is to deal with that complex morality here and the real-world ramifications and the consequences going forward."

"Because [David's] ego is fragile, he can’t see himself as a bad person," Hawley added. "He has to see himself as a good person or his mind will fracture even more."

Aubrey Plaza, who plays Lenny, said this season will also give fans a whole new side to her character. "I would not consider myself a villain anymore, and maybe I never was," Plaza began. "This season has been a deep dive into the real human side of Lenny, which was touched on in the second season. She has gotten a second chance at a real life now. The character has so many sides and allows me to explore so many things."

Executive producer Jeph Loeb said that while Hawley always had a definitive beginning and end for Legion, getting there has been "a magical mystery tour." He also hinted at a desire to explore the world a little further after these upcoming eight episodes wrap up.

"These characters, part of the Marvel library and some created by Noah, they will live on. I see it as the end of a graphic novel, but if Noah came back to tell more and the cast is available, I would hope FX would say yes."

While the very last episode has yet to be shot, Hawley did break it to the crowd that there won't be any more dance numbers coming up. "We try not to repeat ourselves," Hawley explained. "So no more dance battles." Bummer.

The third and final season of Legion premieres on FX this June.