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Teen Wolf returns! 5 things we're howling to see in that new Paramount+ revival movie

By Nivea Serrao
'Teen Wolf' Returns! Five Things We're Howling to See in the Movie Revival

The (Beacon) Hills are alive with the sound of howling now that Paramount+ has announced that it is bringing back Teen Wolf in the form of a sequel movie, set to hit the streaming service in 2022. 

And while the show — which is based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie of the same name and ran on MTV for six seasons from 2011-2017 — focused on the adventures of a teenage werewolf named Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and the various villains he and his friends went up against during its time on the air, the recently-announced revival will revolve around him as an adult as he yet again attempts to keep the town of Beacon Hills safe from its latest supernatural threat. 

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis will be writing and executive producing the movie, though it's still not confirmed which members of the original cast will be making their return. Still, that doesn't mean fans can't hope!

Our best guess is Scott might have to use his finely-honed Alpha skills to round up the various members of his pack to help get the job done — including his human best friend Stiles (Love and Monsters' Dylan O’Brien), his werewolf mentor Derek (Superman and Lois' Tyler Hoechlin), Stiles’ banshee girlfriend Lydia (Escape Room: Tournament of Champions' Holland Roden), Scott’s former Kitsune girlfriend Kira (Chicago Med's Arden Cho), their former Kanima pal Jackson (American Horror Story: Cult's Colton Haynes) and more. 

Here are five things we're hoping to see in the Teen Wolf movie. 

Teen Wolf Trailer Still

Scott and Stiles still being bros

One of the things that made the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf so bittersweet was the fact that it was so light on Stiles — and subsequently Stiles' and Scott's best friendship — which is a shame, because their bond was the cornerstone for the whole series. Luckily, the movie can rectify all of that by not only showing us that Scott and Stiles have still remained close, despite Scott's quest to seek out other shifters, potentially growing out his pack, and Stiles own potential career at the FBI following his internship — but by also letting us know they're still saving the world in their own way, possibly by hunting down supernatural serial killers together perhaps.

Who knows? Maybe this could be the launching pad for a Scott and Stile-centric supernatural Criminal Minds-esque show?! I'm sure no one would complain too much.

Derek Teen Wolf

Derek Hale finding happiness

Derek Hale has had a hard life. When we last saw him he was launching into yet another conflict by Scott's side, so it would be nice to know that he managed to get some kind of happy ending in the time that's gone past, whether it's by himself or alongside someone special. (Perhaps he's even assisting his Alpha and a certain other FBI agent in their attempts to cover up evidence of shifter-based crimes...) 

Kira Lydia Malia Teen Wolf

Highlighting the female characters

Teen Wolf certainly wasn't short on memorable characters, but its female characters always stood out, finding ways to be their own people even in the midst of all the relationship angst that swirled around them at times. That's why it would be great to see how Lydia, Malia, and Kira have fared in the years since and what they're up to now. Has Lydia won the Fields Medal for her mathematical genius? Has she been snapped up by NASA to work on some super-secret project? Has Kira mastered her powers yet? What about Malia? (And are her and Scott still a thing now?) 

Sheriff and Melissa Teen Wolf

Let Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa get together

While Melissa McCall and Chris Argent looked happy enough together in the series finale of the show, most fans have been hoping for Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski to get together since the series began. Not only have they known each other the entire length of their sons' friendship, but it would truly make Scott and Stiles brothers. 

Stiles Teen Wolf

A terrifying villain

The earlier seasons of Teen Wolf definitely leaned into the horror elements of the show's premise, and as a result, were able to serve up some excellent and rightfully terrifying villains. (Void Stiles, anyone?) With the new movie teasing the biggest and scariest threat the pack have ever gone up against, it would be nice to see what kind of big bad Davis might come up with for one last hurrah.

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