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Terms of service literally send you to hell in penultimate Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Gary

Constantine continues his trek through hell with a blast from his past, while the team tries to retake the Time Bureau to bring the fight to Neron, aka Ne-Ray.

Spoilers ahead for “Terms of Service,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, May 13, 2019.

The Legends have been dealing with all sorts of wackiness the past few weeks, and this one basically kept the action on the treadmill to set up the board for next week’s season finale. The big threat of Neron, who is currently possessing the body of Ray Palmer, put his grand plan into motion — and it’s taking full advantage of Ray’s Palmertech bona fides. Neron’s been setting up all his magical creature shenanigans as part of a longer play to take control of Hell.

His plan comes to fruition with a new app designed to encourage people to report magical creature sightings, and he’s banking on folks not reading the fine print, since installing the app is also approval to sign over your eternal soul to Neron. Oops.

It’s the kind of goofy plot point that this show thrives on, and it works. The team tries to go undercover to figure out his scheme but gets wrapped up in more shenanigans when Gary uses his new fairy godmother connection to turn himself into the captain of the Waverider, join the book club, and almost make Sara and Ava dance themselves to death (in a scene that kinda had a Buffy “Once More, With Feeling” vibe). The team finally calms Gary down and gets him back on the side of good, and Charlie leads a magical creature jailbreak to get them out from under Neron’s thumb.

As for Neron’s great love the fairy godmother, she tricks Norah into taking her “curse” to serve humans, as Norah believes she can use those powers to heal a beaten Mona. It doesn’t work, though, and it turns out she’s still beholden to Gary’s whims. Curious to see how that pays off in next week’s season finale.

Looking a bit … lower, Constantine continues his journey through the depths of Hell to try and rescue Ray. He makes it to the inner sanctum of Hell’s leaders and tries to cut a deal to stop Neron, but his reputation precedes him in the underworld. So the trio of hellish leaders decide to present Constantine with a choice — save Ray’s soul or Astra (the young girl he failed to save way back in his short-lived solo series on NBC). He chooses Astra, only to realize her time in Hell has changed her. A lot. She’s now an adult who is happy with her place in Hell’s pecking order, and has no interest in leaving. It doesn’t matter, anyway, because Hell was never going to let him go so easily. Again, lots of questions on how Constantine escapes this one.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Fairy Godmother

We get a peek at young, present-day Zari as well. Adult Future Zari accidentally leaves the dragon egg in her childhood home, where it’s discovered by her younger self. As the preview for next week makes clear, that dragon is about to hatch.

Hey, Batwoman’s coming soon! Fresh off the series pickup for next season, The CW is already teasing its Batwoman solo series.

Next week: The season finale arrives, as the team tries to stop Neron and convince the entire world that magical creatures aren’t all bad.