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SYFY WIRE Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

That Runaways and Cloak & Dagger crossover episode is finally happening

By James Comtois
Runaways Cloak and Dagger

We’ve got some great news for fans of Marvel’s Runaways and Marvel's Cloak & DaggerThat crossover episode you’ve all been clamoring for has finally been confirmed.

Marvel Television and Hulu have revealed that Tandy and Tyrone from Cloak & Dagger will appear in an episode of the third season of Marvel's Runaways this December. But don’t take our word for it; here’s the cast delivering the news:

In Runaways’ third season, the heroes must search for their captured friends Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean. The kids go head to head with an enemy who has targeted Leslie’s unborn child. As if that weren't enough, Nico Minoru draws them all into a dark realm ruled by nefarious villain Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley).

Over at Freeform, the second season of Cloak & Dagger concluded earlier this year with Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) on a bus leaving New Orleans in hopes of helping other parts of the country. Looks like that journey will definitely include a stint in sunny California.

How Cloak & Dagger will cross paths with the Runaways has yet to be revealed. 

“It’s so fun being able to do something that revels in the Mighty Marvel Manner!” said Jeph Loeb, executive producer and head of Marvel Television. “Having these young heroes crossover allows fans of both shows to see the adventure everyone has been waiting for and we’ve only hinted at.”

Intercontinuity and crossover appearances have been huge in the DC and Marvel universes, from the heroes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe all making appearances in each other’s films and the Avengers movies to the annual crossover events at The CW within the Arrowverse. So this begs the question: What took these two shows so long? Actually, it’s not important that they’re late to the party; what’s really important is they’ve finally made it.

All 10 episodes of Season 3 of Marvel’s Runaways will premiere Dec. 13 on Hulu. While we wait, the first two seasons are available on Hulu, while the first two seasons of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger are available via Freeform.