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The best deals on Xbox One for the week ending January 6

By Jenna Busch
Blades of Glory

The presents are opened and all that champagne you drank is still causing your headache. It’s freezing outside, even on the West coast and you’re worn out from the holiday cheer. It’s months until we get some good movies again and all we’re going to hear about for the next few weeks is politics. It’s exhausting. Every store has all the Valentine’s Day products up, and you’re just not ready for that. Maybe it’s a better idea for you to sit back down on the couch and recover from your revelry with a few video games and some movies. Whisk your mind away to far off lands and battle aliens and villains. Just maybe do it with the sound down low. That migraine might need a little tending. Here are the best deals on Xbox One for the week ending January 6, 2019. 

If you’re up for some retro fun this post-holiday week, you can grab Spyro Reignited Trilogy for $33.19, down from $39.99. If you feel like doing some post-apocalyptic fighting, you can grab Fallout 76 Standard Edition for $40.19, down from $59.99. Did the holiday cause you to feel a little murder-y? Hitman 2 is on sale for $35.99, down from $59.99. Legendary Eleven is ready for pre-order for $13.49, down from $14.99. Just Cause 4 - Standard Edition is on sale for $53.99, down from $59.99, and you have to promise to tweet us the creations you make. Oh, and there’s a story as well. Ride 3 is on sale for $39.99, down from $49.99. 

Battlefield V has been getting great buzz, and right now it’s on sale for $35.99, down from $59.99, which is a great deal. NHL 19 99 Edition is on sale for $40.00, down from $79.99. Chasm is on sale right now for $17.99, down from $19.99. If you want to work off all that holiday food, you can pick up Just Dance 2019 for $47.99, down from $59.99. The LEGO Harry Potter Collection is out for $31.99, down from $39.99. Soul Caliber VI is out for $47.99, down $59.99. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is out for $44.99, down form $59.99. LEGO DC Super Villains is on sale for $35.99, down from $59.99. Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition is on sale for $38.99, down from $59.99. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out for $35.99, down from $59.99. FIFA 19 is available right now for $30.00, down from $59.99

On the movies side, you’re going to want to check because some of these end on January 3 and some of them are staying. Right now, John Wick starts at $2.99. American Assassin plus bonus features is out for $6.99, down from $9.99. All Eyez on Me is out for $2.99. The Hunger Games starts at $2.99, and if you want to binge the franchise, you can pick up The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2 for $6.99 each. Ghost in the Shell plus bonus features starring Scarlett Johansson is out for $6.99. Patriots Day is out right now starting at $6.99. Deepwater Horizon, which was underrated, is on sale beginning at $2.99. Sicario plus bonus features is out starting at $6.99. XXX: Return of Xander Cage plus bonus features is out for $4.99. Need some zombies in your life? The World War Z Unrated edition is $6.99. Saban’s Power Rangers starts at $6.99. Arrival plus bonus features starts at $6.99. Bridesmaids Unrated starts at $4.99. A Beautiful Mind starts at $4.99. About Time is $4.99 as well. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Uncut & Uncalled For is $4.99. Baywatch - Extended Cut is $6.99 and Battle of the Bulge: Sunderland is $3.99. Blades of Glory starts at $2.99. Bone Tomahawk starts at $3.99 and Brawl in Cell Block 99 starts at the same price. The 1995 Casper is $4.99, and Collateral is $2.99. If you want something silly and fun, check out Dragonslayer from 1981 for $2.99. Divergent is $4.99, and Django Unchained from Quentin Tarantino starts at $2.99. Eagle Eye is on sale for the same price. 

So, what games and movies are you using to smooth out your transition into 2019? Let us know in the comments and Happy New Year!