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The best moments of New York Comic Con 2019


When you're at a con, it's a sort of time out of time. Things that normally don't happen end up happening everywhere. Things you never thought could happen, even in your most bizarre dreams, run right into you.

Where else would you encounter a life-size Groot or the sickest Freddie Mercury cosplay ever — as in, the guy was not only a ringer but even talked like him? Our own Jackie Jennings found him in that iconic yellow outfit after she was dressed up as a caveman version of the Queen frontman. Get it, "We will rock you?" Most people didn't.

Back to that cosplayer, now you've got to wonder how he sings.

Let's talk about some of the panels and interviews. Disney fans, especially wannabe Disney princesses (it can be a lifetime thing long after your 7th birthday), were already fangirling hard when two real Disney princesses took the SYFY WIRE live stage. Ariel (Jodi Benson) and Belle (Paige O'Hara) didn't just answer our questions, but they actually did the voices right there.

Don't believe us? Fast-forward to 0:25 to hear O'Hara say "Gaston, you're positively primeval." That could be the best Disney insult ever.

Speaking of memorable quotes, you always know Kevin Smith is going to have something to say. He was actually in a suit jacket instead of a hockey jersey this time but still kept his hat on backwards. He also gave us this gem:

"I'm a middle-aged stoner. Everything touches me."

Then there was Alan Tudyk just … being Alan Tudyk. That in itself is enough. Nobody cares if he suddenly blanks on what to say, because he's going to make a hilarious face and weird noises that will make you laugh as if you knew what he meant.

Keep watching to find out what else rocked our fandoms at NYCC 2019!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.