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WIRE Buzz: The Birch teaser crawls out of the woods; I Lost My Body finds trailer; more

By Brian Silliman & Jacob Oller
I Lost My Body IMDb

The first day of October has seen one of the spookiest upcoming TV shows on the schedule unleash its first teaser trailer into the world. Facebook Watch show The Birch (adapted from the Crypt TV short of the same name) is about a monster emerging from the woods to torment teens. Channeling The Witch and some Guillermo del Toro creature creations, the creepy show looks to grow its premise from a sapling to full-blown haunted tree — if the first trailer is anything to judge by.

Check it out:

Once you summon her, you never escape her. The Birch premieres October 11th, only on Facebook Watch.

Posted by The Birch on Monday, September 30, 2019

To poorly quote Elton John, The Birch is back! More than just a simple "messing with things you don't understand" horror movie, the series from writer J. Casey Modderno will unfold from multiple perspectives over the course of its run. The show, which stars Midori Francis (Gotham), Xaria Dotson (American Vandal), and Dempsey Bryk (Black Mirror), premieres Oct. 11.

The Cannes hit I Lost My Body is coming to theaters as well as Netflix. The French animated film, based on a novel by Guillaume Laurant (Amélie), is a 2D affair, and deals with a a disembodied hand looking for its body. The hand begins to remember the life it used to have: once being attached to a pizza boy. 

There's a new trailer for the film, which you can see right here: 

The film was the first animated film to ever win the Nespresso Grand Prize at Cannes, so it's no wonder that Netflix snapped it up. It will debut in select theaters in November as well as appearing on the streaming site. 

Will people (and awards voters) connect with the tale of a hand that escapes a Parisian laboratory, trying to reconnect with Naoufel the pizza boy? Are its memories of Naoufel's love for Gabrielle the librarian enough to provide answers? Will the lovers (and the hand) ever reunite? 

You can find out when I Lost My Body comes to select theaters on Nov. 15, before coming to Netflix on Nov. 29.

Marvel Comics is going to an interesting place for a new line of books — they are going to begin creating comics based on the tabletop game Warhammer

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Entertainment has announced that they are partnering with the British gaming company Games Workshop to bring the Warhammer franchise to comics. The game itself originally debuted in 1983, but in the beginning it was called Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The miniature-based gaming franchise blends medieval battles with both sci-fi and fantasy, as evidenced by an edition of the game called Warhammer 40,000, which is set in the 41st millennium. With so many genres, characters, and creatures in play, the possibilities for an exciting comic are endless. Indeed, the franchise has gotten the graphic novel treatment before, in graphic novels put out by Games Workshop themselves. It's also expanded into novels and audiobooks. 

Marvel editor Mark Basso said in a statement on Monday, “I can’t tell you how excited we are about diving into the depths of the expansive universes of Warhammer. At Marvel, we’re no strangers to telling deeply character-focused tales set in an interconnected world of stories, and fans are going to love what we’re already starting to cook up with the Games Workshop team for the Warhammer comics.”