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Exclusive: Morena Baccarin's Elena mixes romance & torture in sneak peek at Episode 5 of 'The Endgame'

Episode 5 of The Endgame premieres on NBC Monday, March 21 at 10pm EST.

By Josh Weiss
The Endgame 102 PRESS

Nothing kickstarts the ol' libido like torturing someone who might have information on the people who bombed your wedding day. And we don't mean "bomb" as in showing up uninvited...we're talking about putting a literal explosive device in the church kind of situation.

In an exclusive clip from next week's episode of The Endgame on NBC, Elena Federova (Morena Baccarin) and Sergey Vodianov (Costa Ronin) torture the man responsible for planting the bomb. If only he'd brought one of the silverware sets listed on the registry instead, things would have been so much simpler. Now he's strapped to a chair, all bloodied up, and begging for mercy. That's what happens when you cross a powerful international arms dealer, seasoned bank robber, and all-around criminal mastermind.

Check it out:

NBC’s The Endgame, Episode 105 - “Gold Rush” - Exclusive Clip

SYFY WIRE talked with Baccarin about shooting this scene, specifically her reaction when she first found out about it. (As of press time, she had yet to see the final episode of "Gold Rush".)

"I just love that they go there, with these characters, in that scene," she says. "And it's done in a way where, we somehow... still like her. Their jobs, they're not traditional. And they definitely take them sometimes to a crazy place. But I love at first that, you're misdirected to think that she's just there washing dishes at the sink there with her husband. And then you see it's bloody torture tools."

It's that relationship between Elena and her husband, and the personal and professional connections they share, that Baccarin believes is why the show can get away with scenes like this. 

"These two have such a deep love for each other, and I feel that what the show does so well is create morally ambiguous good and bad guys that have an emotional arc. And are grounded emotionally, so you really go with them on the journey that they are on."

That journey is crafted by Nicholas Wootton and Jake Coburn; the two co-created the series and serve as executive producers alongside Julie Plec, Emily Cummins, Andrew Schneider, and Justin Lin (the seasoned Fast & Furious vet directed the pilot episode).

"Showing you who Val is and why she has the belief system she does," Wootton, who also occupies the role of showrunner, told Entertainment Weekly last month. "We will come to understand the background of that and how her mother's murder becomes a big part of the story going forward. It's all tied in. We will definitely see lots of Val's background and life to balance out Elena's side of it because it's about why Val is so righteous and determined and driven. That's going to be revealed."

"This show is about rooting out corruption and greed. From my character's point of view, she plans to make the world a better place," Baccarin told the outlet in a separate discussion, going on to describe Elena as "incredibly complicated," "brutal," and "calculated."

The supporting cast includes: Ryan Michelle Bathé, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Kamal Bolden, Noah Bean, and Mark Damon Espinoza.

Episode 5 of The Endgame ("Gold Rush") premieres on NBC Monday, March 21 at 10pm EST. The official synopsis is as follows: "When Snow White operatives attempt to get into the Federal Reserve’s vault, Val races against time to prevent an economic collapse."

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