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'The Flash' final season confirms more Arrowverse alums: John Diggle, Wally West & Ramsey Rosso

Season 9 of The Flash premieres on The CW Wednesday, Feb. 8.

By Josh Weiss
David Ramsey as John Diggle, Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash, and Sendhil Ramamurthy as Bloodwork in The Flash

The ninth and final season of The Flash (premiering on The CW early next month) is certainly shaping up to be the last hurrah for the interconnected DC storytelling that began a decade ago with Arrow. Deadline confirmed today that the show's 13-episode swan song will feature the return of three Arrowverse alumni — David Ramsey (John Diggle/Spartan), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West/Kid Flash), and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork) — all of whom are set to guest star in Episode 9.

"As one of the legacy Arrowverse characters who helped start it all, John Diggle holds a special place in our hearts, as well as the fans.” executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace said in a statement published by Deadline. “Plus, the commanding presence and commitment to excellence actor/director David Ramsey brings to the screen each-and every time is truly inspiring. So, of course, it was a no-brainer to have Diggle join Team Flash in our final season! So, get ready for a very emotional reunion as John Diggle aka Spartan helps protect Central City alongside Team Flash one, last time."

Last year, word broke that Ramsey was in talks to reprise Diggle (a longtime ally of Oliver Queen, who has cropped up numerous times throughout the multiverse) for a spinoff series entitled Justice U. With the network canceling most of its superhero programming in the wake of the NexStar Media Group acquisition, it seems unlikely that the project will move forward. As of this writing, Superman & Lois and the upcoming Gotham Knights remain the only DC-inspired titles left standing.

Sounding off on the return of Lonsdale, Wallace continued: "Kid Flash isn’t just another speedster — he’s a beloved part of our Team Flash family. So as soon as we knew he was coming back, we set out to create a special and heartfelt story for his return. The result is a brilliant performance from Keiynan that showcases a side of Wally West you’ve never seen before." 

Ramamurthy is the most recent addition to the show, having arrived in Central City for Season 6 back in 2019.

"We’ve been looking for a way to bring him back,” the showrunner concluded. “We also knew we wanted to have Ramsey play a part in Flash’s final race. Fortunately, everything came together and now the villainous Bloodwork’s return will set into motion one of the Flash’s wildest and most emotional adventures yet.”

Season 9 of The Flash premieres on The CW Wednesday, Feb. 8, and will consist of 13 episodes (the smallest count of the entire show). Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are executive producers alongside Wallace.

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