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Kat McNamara on Mia Queen's return, Arrow's 'lineage' in The Flash's 'Armageddon' finale

One of our favorite Green Arrows is back this week.

By Nivea Serrao

It's hard being the kid of a superhero — see: HawkeyeInvincibleThe Boys, and any other recent superhero media — and the Arrowverse is no different on that front. But maybe Mia Queen, the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity, will catch a slight break in terms of her connection with her mom when she returns to The Flash this Tuesday as part of the larger "Armageddon" storyline

According to actress Kat McNamara (Shadowhunters), while Mia might not get to actually meet the 2021 version of her mother face-to-face, she will still be able to connect with some aspects of her past thanks to her uncle and aunt, Barry and Iris West-Allen

"There are a few mentions of Felicity. She definitely comes up," McNamara explains in an interview with TVLine. "Given the fact that Mia ends up in a place where the two people that know her parents probably better than most are right there to guide her, it’s a huge gift, and there’s definitely much talk of the lineage." 

And it sounds like this is exactly what the youngest Queen family member might need as she's in a rough place when the show catches up with her two years after fans last saw her. Despite accepting her father's mantle as the Green Arrow, it appears that Mia may be struggling with it, possibly opening up a whole world of trouble for herself in the process. 

"We see that she's in a very dark place — she’s gone rogue, in a way, and become very obsessed with solving this one problem and this one missing piece in her life," says McNamara. "As we know, when Mia gets focused on something and you give her a bone, she’s going to run with it until she wins, and that is what she’s doing. She will let nothing get in her way." 

She goes on to add, "Mia plays well with others when she needs to, and there’s nobody like Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris to come in and tell her what she needs to hear."

McNamara says she's quite grateful for the thought that showrunner Eric Wallace and the rest of The Flash's writer's room put into Mia's storyline, and specifically how she'd be doing in the two years since she'd last appeared on screen. 

"She's really going through a lot of the same struggles that Oliver did, about the line that's drawn to get justice," the actress explains. "Mia's never been afraid to do what she has to do to get the answers she needs or to accomplish a mission, but Barry and Iris and the rest of the team know when to take a bit of pause, and have so much heart and care for the people around them, and that it’s exactly what Mia needs at the moment."

The Flash's latest crossover sees the titular hero joined by a whole bunch of allies and friends as he tries to figure out why his life has suddenly turned awful. As was revealed in the fourth episode of this five-part event, Eobard Thawne was responsible for this, because of the Reverse-Flashpoint he'd created. But even though Barry was eventually able to return to a version of 2021 when Joe West is still alive, it appears that Thawne might have a few Joker-esque tricks up his sleeve, which will not make the rest of this easy on any of the heroes currently in play.

"What I think is so clever about 'Armageddon' is that every person who you think you know where they stand and what they stand for comes into question, and there really are no heroes and villains," says McNamara. "They’re just people trying to get through the day and trying to deal with what this universe that is increasingly complicated as the years go on presents to them. That says a lot about where many of us are in the world right now, where we don’t really know which end is up and we’re trying to navigate it and figure it out as best we can with the people around us."

Catch Mia's return to the Arrowverse on Tuesday on The Flash at 8 PM ET.