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Rogues! Captain Boomerang returns (sort of) for final season of 'The Flash'

Captain Boomerang is back with a new incarnation for The Flash's curtain call.

By Matthew Jackson
Richard Harmon

The Flash will speed into its ninth and final season on The CW with a little bit of unfinished business and, of course, villains new and old for Grant Gustin's Barry Allen to battle. Now, we know at least one of those villains will be a new version of an old favorite.

Deadline reports that Richard Harmon, best known for his work on The CW series The 100, has joined the show as a new version of Captain Boomerang, fresh out of Iron Heights and ready to rumble. We don't know anything about his role in the overall arc of the last season just yet, but Deadline describes Harmon's role as recurring, so we'll probably have at least a little bit of time to get to know. 

Captain Boomerang previously appeared in the Arrowverse in Season 3 of Arrow, when he was played by Nick. E Tarabay. That version, real name George "Digger" Harkness, was killed off during Arrow Season 5, but Harkness isn't the only Captain Boomerang in the DC Comics universe. Harmon will play the Owen Mercer version of the character, first introduced in 2004 during the Identity Crisis event. In the comics, he's Harkness' son who he barely knew, who takes over the mantle after his father dies, but we don't yet know if the TV version will follow that same trajectory. 

For a while earlier this year, it wasn't clear if The Flash would be able to keep running. As other CW superhero shows like Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow weren't renewed by the network, the creative team behind The Fastest Man Alive started to work out contingency plans in case Season 8 really did end up being the end of the road. Showrunner Eric Wallace eventually confirmed that the Season 8 finale was originally written to serve as a series finale just in case they didn't end up getting renewed, then rewritten when it became clear Barry and company would get one last run. 

Finally, in August, the CW made it official and confirmed that The Flash would return for Season 9 with a shortened episode order. Production on the season kicked off this month, and the 13 final episodes are set to arrive sometime next year. What else will Barry face in his final race? Keep checking back with SYFY WIRE to find out.