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'The Flash' deals with an out-of-whack timeline in electrifying trailer for Season 8 return

The Flash returns to The CW Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. EST

By Josh Weiss & Trent Moore
Bart The Flash

The Arrowverse timeline will be bent all out of shape when The Flash returns for the remainder of its eighth season in early March.

Following the events of the Armageddon crossover event that opened the season, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) seems to have his affairs in order. He's busy protecting the Central City of the present, tracking a mysterious killer, while his and Iris West's (Candice Patton) two children — Bart (Jordan Fisher) and Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) — keep an eye on the future. But everything starts to go wrong when it becomes apparent that the time-stream has gone haywire, prompting Barry's progeny to go back to the scene of the electrifying lab accident that gave their father his speedy powers.

"It’s really, really quite hilarious," showrunner Eric Wallace said of Bart and Nora's post-Armageddon storyline during an interview with TheWrap. "You’ll see them pretty soon after Armageddon early in the season. And hopefully, we’ll have them visit us a couple of times, because their chemistry of Jessica and Jordan is just magic."

Watch the trailer below:

Fans already got a tease of Bart and Nora's confusing return in the very end of the Armageddon event, when they showed up in an old photo in the background of a closing shot — a photo very clearly taken long before they were born. The Armageddon crossover event was a unique way to kickoff the eighth season with some momentum, featuring a bevy of guest stars and a larger than life kind of superhero story that tapped into tons of lore from the show's prior seasons.

With this new story kicking off about time stream trouble and the adult Allen children bouncing around in the present day, it looks to revisit some of the formula that made the show so compelling in prior years. Nora has already spent the better part of a season working with Team Flash a few years ago, and it looks like we'll now have both of the speedy-siblings interacting with the newly refreshed members of the team. This series is always at its best when its shaking up its formula, and that looks to keep on rolling in Year 8.

The Flash returns to The CW Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. EST. The new episode will be free to stream on The CW app the following day.