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Exclusive: 'The Horror Crowd' trailer explores undying popularity of the genre and its scary loyal fans

Director Ruben Pla takes a deep dive into what makes the horror community tick.

By Josh Weiss
Linda Blair in The Exorcist

Why is horror so popular? Why do we love to be afraid? What frightens the storytellers who have shaped our cultural perception of the genre?

Those are the questions posed by filmmaker Ruben Pla in his new documentary — The Horror Crowd. SYFY WIRE is excited to debut the official trailer for the project, which features a spine-tingling amount of interviews with horror stalwarts like Lin Shaye (Insidious), Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!), Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity), Adam Robitel (Escape Room), Ryan Turek (Firestarter), Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw franchise), and many others.

"I was traveling in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy film circles of Hollywood and working with a lot of those filmmakers, so I said to myself, 'I'm going to talk with them, see what makes them tick, what they have to say about their passions, their loves, what led them to become the filmmakers they are today,'" Pla tells SYFY WIRE when asked about the origins of the documentary (arriving on digital and VOD next month).

The director goes on to tease "a LOT of revelations in the film," including a rather crazy anecdote from Highlander director, Russell Mulcahy. "He tells me of when he first met Sean Connery, and how nervous he was at meeting 'f—ing James Bond,' and then waking up at Freddie Mercury's home after a party (Queen did Highlander's music) and Freddie was down in the kitchen 'making me breakfast!' That just killed me," Pla says.

Check out the trailer below:

The Horror Crowd (Official Trailer Exclusive)

Pla admits that the original plan was to film the whole thing on his phone as a fun little side gig. Luckily, he was talked out of this by co-producer Hank Braxtan. "He said, 'I love the idea, but I'll bring in some cameras, sound equipment, lighting kits, and let's go for it.'  We also brought in his wife, Arielle Brachfeld, who became my producing partner. Then I started asking people if they wanted to be in it...and they all lined up. They all said, 'Yes.' They wanted to reveal themselves to you, the audience, and give away their secret lives, their origins of growing up as 'the weird kid,' their fears — everything."

Distributor Buffalo 8 will release The Horror Crowd on digital platforms and VOD Friday, Sep. 2. To date, the film has earned several accolades from the Santa Fe Film Festival (“Best Director"), London Independent Film Festival (“Best Horror Feature”), and Seattle Film Festival (“Best Documentary").

The Horror Crowd Poster

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