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Netflix's The Irregulars puts a supernatural spin on Sherlock Holmes in a first full trailer

By Nivea Serrao
Netflix's The Irregulars

Looks like Netflix's expansion of the Sherlock Holmes canon is going full steam ahead! First, the streaming giant introduced viewers to the charmingly witty Enola Holmes — played by none other than Eleven Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown. And now, it's building out another aspect of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works, by centering a whole series on The Irregulars

As a new trailer (below) for the series somewhat hints, the Baker Street Irregulars, from which this series gets its name, were a group of street kids (usually boys) who were hired by Holmes to act as spies and bring him all kinds of useful information to help solve his cases. But as both the trailer, and an earlier teaser, reveals, things aren't quite as they seem in Holmes' London. A "Rip" in the fabric of reality is causing supernatural beings like ghosts and demons to appear, and one of the Irregulars is the only one who can see it. 

And if things weren't already confusing enough for the ragtag group of teens trying to close the Rip and save the world, it seems like Dr. John Watson, the man who hired them and Holmes' usual right-hand man knows more than he's letting on, which is only going to make things more complicated.

It's a definite departure from other takes on the character, with Holmes (and Watson) not only seeming more sinister than they usually are but also placing the supernatural aspects of Doyle's work front and center, something series creator Tom Bidwell was seeking to do, especially as Doyle himself was a spiritualist, who tried to prove that the supernatural was real. 

The titular urchins are made up of Bea (The Letter For the King's Thaddea Graham), her younger sister Jessie (Darci Shaw), their friend Billy (Cursed's Jojo Macari), Spike (Snatch's McKell David), and newcomer Leopold (Chaos Walking's Harrison Osterfield). Royce Pierreson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes also star, as Watson and Holmes, respectively. 

The Irregulars will be rushing onto the scene on March 26 on Netflix.