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Fantastic! Christopher Eccleston returns to Doctor Who in trailer for 'The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers'

By Josh Weiss

The Doctor will see you now... Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor returns in the first trailer for the latest audio adventure set within the timey-wimey world of Doctor Who. The actor is back in voice only, but seems to be giving it his all in the first energetic trailer for The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers. "I have done the thing!" he exclaims. "The temporal thing, radiating from the TARDIS like nobody's business."

Written by Big Finish creative director Nicholas Briggs (also known for voicing the Daleks and Cybermen), the latest batch of sonic stories find the Time Lord facing off against an "Immersive Games business empire," or else traveling back in time to the Battle of Waterloo.

"After 15 years, it will be exciting to revisit the Ninth Doctor's world, bringing back to life a character I love playing," the actor said in a statement last summer. A few months later, he clarified that while he was happy to partner up with Big Finish for Ravagers, he'd only reprise the live-action role when "Hell freezes over."

Watch the trailer below:

"Working with Chris was a very special time for me," Ravagers writer and Big Finish creative director Nicholas Briggs said when the project was first announced. The beginning of my Doctor Who TV career. So, writing for and directing him feels incredibly exciting. He’s such a powerful performer and it’ll be amazing to work with him again."

"I first talked to Christopher about returning to the role of the Doctor at the Gallifrey One convention in February this year. Christopher said he was enjoying meeting the fans and was pleased that his Doctor was remembered so fondly. He indicated he would be open to discussing a project with Big Finish," added Big Finish Chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery. "And then the pandemic happened and time moved both quickly and very slowly. Over recent months, ideas have been exchanged and discussions had. I am so pleased that Christopher has decided to return to the role with us — and I'm excited to welcome him to the Big Finish family as we discover the new adventures of the Ninth Doctor."

Doctor Who Adventures: Ravagers goes on sale in May. You can pre-order a copy right here for $19.99.