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SYFY WIRE It Chapter Two

The red balloon passes to Jessica Chastain in new It: Chapter 2 promo image

By Andrew Wheeler

The curse of Pennywise is coming for Jessica Chastain in a new promotional image for It: Chapter Two, released on the actor's Twitter feed on Wednesday. 

The image, from photographer Shaun Watson, shows actor Sophia Lillis, who played Beverley Marsh in the 2017 It movie, passing one of Pennywise's iconic red balloons across a table to her grown-up self, played by Chastain in the sequel. Both actors are wearing matching blue dresses. 

The image comes three weeks into production on director Andy Muschietti’s sequel to the 2017 movie. Chastain previously posted an image to her Instagram on the first day of shooting that showed Lillis and Chastain's faces morphed together.

It distributor New Line Cinema held its second annual ScareDiego event at San Diego Comic-Con last night, where attendees received an exclusive first glimpse of Chapter Two performers James McAvoy and Bill Hader in action.

Both It and It: Chapter Two are based on sections of Stephen King's classic horror novel about a monstrous clown who torments the residents of the fictional Maine town of Derry. The sequel sees adult actors, including Chastain, MacAvoy, Hader, and Isaiah Mustafa, reprising the roles of the children from the previous It movie in a story set years after the original, with Bill Skarsgård returning as everyone's favorite party entertainer, Pennywise the Clown.

It: Chapter Two arrives in theaters, and in your nightmares, on Sept. 6, 2019.