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SYFY WIRE The Sandman

'The Sandman' wakes up Hall H with official trailer and dreamy details about upcoming Netflix series

Don't sleep on this show!

By Mike Avila
Sandman Key Art

SDCC 2022's Hall H panel for Netflix’s much-anticipated adaptation of the classic Vertigo comics series The Sandman was every bit the love-fest you would expect. We’re talking about one of the most beloved comics of all time, in the hallowed great hall of Geek Mecca. So yeah, the fans were excited, if also a bit apprehensive, to see what creator Neil Gaiman, executive producer Allen Heinberg, and an absolutely star-laden cast had done with their treasured series.

By the end of the presentation (attended by SYFY WIRE), in which the official trailer was screened for the first time as well as two powerful scenes from the 10-episode season, it’s safe to say those in the audience are counting the days until the show debuts Aug. 5.

Check out the new trailer below:

The panel featured stars Tom Sturridge (Morpheus / Dream), Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer Morningstar), Vivienne Acheampong (Lucienne), Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Death), Mason Alexander Park (Desire), Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine), Vanesu Samunyai (Rose Walker), Patton Oswalt (Matthew the Raven) as well as Gaiman and Heinberg.

During the presentation, Gaiman noted that it feels really good to see the show finally coming to life after 30 years, and that he's really excited and proud of it. “I’m a fan and I’m really proud of it,” he said.

As far as casting Sturridge as the lead, Gaiman said he was obviously the best choice, after seeing several hundred actors, and about a thousand audition tapes.

Sturridge noted that he read the comics over and over again to try and understand the material, and that there is no better prep for a role than trying to get in the mind of the person who created it.

With regards to playing Lucifer, Christie said, “I was unbelievably excited when they called me about it. It really awakened something inside me. It’s fantastical, it’s emotional, it takes you on a journey and has a spiritual quality." She then compared the “glorious fantasy” series to Star Wars, while noting that “being the essence of evil was the most delightful moment!”

Howell-Baptiste added that filming during the pandemic left her with a lot of time for herself, much of which she spent trying to understand the relationship we have with Death. She became obsessed with these entities that carry us to death that are portrayed in the series. "When you are in your final moments, you want to be comforted, you want to be with someone you’re comfortable with, that you can talk to. When I read the comic, Death was one of my absolute favorites. I can’t believe I’m able to play her," she said.

When a fan asked Gaiman how he keeps the story true to himself in this adaptation, the author said he’s been very lucky that no one has ever tried to get him to change Sandman. He went on to say that his goal for the series was to try and figure out how to remain true to the source. He noted that the audience in Hall H are likely fans of Sandman, wanting to see if it does justice to the comics. And if it does, they’ll tell others to watch it. He made a yogurt analogy that didn’t quite land, but essentially he wants the fans of the comics to watch the series, hopefully like it, and then tell the world about the show.

Fans old and new will get their chance soon, as The Sandman launches globally Friday Aug. 5 on Netflix.

The Sandman

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