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The Simpsons share congratulatory message to 2020 grads

By Jacob Oller
The Simpsons graduate address

The Simpsons took a break from their busy stay-at-home schedule (as the famous animated family is also under quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic) to cut a video celebrating and congratulating 2020's graduating class.

Thanks to YouTube's four-and-a-half-hour, entirely digital Dear Class of 2020 commencement, which seeks to give new grads some semblance of a normal graduation under socially distanced circumstances, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Marge gathered together for a Zoom-esque video message that perfectly fits into their show's sense of humor.

Take a look at the Simpsons' heartfelt message below:

Springfield is still apparently under lockdown as the Simpsons telecommunicate to the Class of 2020. While much of the family is coping in unhealthy ways (Homer's day drinking, Marge's overworked and frazzled murmurs), Lisa is still the voice of reason.

She finds "plenty of good things" coming from much of the population's isolation to include in her "inspirational" speech, including environmental and animal rights issues like cleaner air and less consumed meat. Even Homer bursts in with a bit of wisdom, asking viewers to "Love thy neighbor, even if it's Flanders."

Lisa takes her final moment to raise a sign — reading "Congrats Class of 2020: Please save us" — and find a bit of serious optimism in a video that still takes the time to include at least one instance of Bart mooning the viewer. Even the quarantine couldn't change The Simpsons.

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