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The team is shipwrecked and Constantine goes to hell in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Constantine Ray

Neron is still in possession of Ray, but don’t worry, Constantine has a Hail Mary plan to actually save him from hell. Oh, and the team realizes they really are a family. Just, you know, a really weird one.

Spoilers ahead for “Nip/Stuck,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, May 6, 2019.

Let’s get to the big bad situation first — Neron is still in control of Ray, and has taken Constantine because he needs the Hellblazer to channel his magical powers to stabilize a portal to hell in order to pull out his beloved Tabitha. That journey takes them to the year 55 BCE, where Constantine’s ancestor is first learning to channel magical powers — made all the more powerful by fear of magical creatures. Constantine faces his family’s past, though admittedly it’s not a huge shock where these abilities originated (even John himself isn’t all that shocked).

But Neron’s plan works, and Constantine stabilizes the hell portal to save an innocent creature — opening the door for Neron to finally free his mysterious true love Tabitha … who turns out to be the fairy godmother from early in the season. Yeah, it’s hilarious and weird. Fun twist, though. So it seems Neron was upset with Constantine and the Legends for casting his true love back into the pits of hell. Which makes as much sense as anything as far as motivations go. Neron successfully pulls his true love from the clutches of hell, but that doesn’t stop Constantine from voluntarily leaping in — rolling the dice he can find Ray’s soul in hell and save him from this possession.

Constantine has been on a journey this year, and though he’s still plenty rough around the edges, he’s really become a part of this team. It rarely works out, but he’s usually tried to do what’s right and help the innocent. So he takes the gamble for Ray and drops down into a dumpster on the outskirts of what looks like, well, Hell.

Neron sidelines the team for most of the episode, luring them into a trap to bury the Waverider in an avalanche. Inside, the team grapples with the absence of Ray (since he’d usually be the one coming up with the miracle play to get the ship free) and draw closer together as a family by his inspiration. They even play his hilariously goofy team-building Legends card game (great opportunity for a branding tie-in there, by the way) in his honor while trapped. That cabin fever leads to a nice moment between Sara and Rory, which shows just how much they’ve changed and evolved since this show began. They’re friends who respect one another, and are mature enough now to apologize and admit their friendship really is something worth preserving.

Last but certainly not least — the niputizing. Neron sense a newly corrupted Gary (powered by an evil nipple from hell, seriously) to infiltrate the Time Bureau. He almost manages a pod-people-style brainwashing takeover, though Mona uses her wolf powers to break Ava and Nora free, long enough for the three of them to stop Gary. Oh, and cool Gary? It’s a sight to behold.

Assorted musings

Nate and Zari’s burgeoning relationship is moving right along, and yes, they’re still trying to hatch that dragon egg. Curious how that’ll come into play over the next week or so.

Next week: Neron, in Ray’s body, builds an app where the terms of service literally find people signing away their souls. God, I love this show.