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The team meets Jane Austen in a very sexy new Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Zari Legends of Tomorrow

Hank’s funeral takes a few interesting twists when his ghost decides to send one final message for Nate — but the real story was the magical fugitive who happened to inspire the Kama Sutra.

Spoilers ahead for “Seance and Sensibility,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, April 15, 2019.

The flirtation between Nate and Zari has been bubbling for a few weeks now, but it finally came to a head (at least in one way), as the magical fugitive of the week forced Zari to grapple with her feelings and admit she might actually have a crush on the team’s metal-skinned historian. Most of the team jets out of Hank’s funeral early when a magical creature alert pops, one that causes Jane Austen not to publish her eventual literary classics — thus making some massive changes to the world at large.

It turns out a sexy new fella has arrived in Jane Austen’s town circa 1802, and has basically brought the free love revolution to the world a century or two early. People are going sex-crazed in these “lust outbreaks,” which the team quickly realizes are the result of this super sexy stable worker. He has the hots for Zari, and after being locked up on the Waverider, slips some sexy dream dust into the air vents to cause the crew’s desires to manifest in their dreams. Sara dreams of Ava; Mona dreams of her late wolf man; Charlie dreams of rock stars; and Zari dreams of the magical god … and Nate. Yeah, what a surprisingly shirtless way to confirm she really is developing feelings there.

The dust also leads to a hilarious hook-up between the typically buttoned-down Ray and Nora Darhk. Ray is hiding Nora in his cabin while they work to prove she didn’t kill Hank (something Hank himself later confirms to Constantine). He’s taking the chivalrous route and sleeping in the chair, at least until the lust dust drifts in. We get a quick reminder that, yes, Brandon Routh is still rocking that Superman physique — and his crush on Nora takes a very sexy twist as she is more than open to this new, more assertive Ray.

As Zari continues to process the fact that she might be open to love (remember, she comes from a near-apocalyptic future), she takes a hit of love potion from the magical creature and busts out into a full Bollywood musical, nearly marrying him, before Mona talks some sense into her. That said, it is a crazy fun Bollywood number, and how many superhero shows could pull that off, seriously?

All this wackiness is framed around Mona trying to convince Jane Austen to push forward with her work, giving her a sneak peek at just how much her writing will be respected and beloved by the millions who will read it and be impacted by her words in the future.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Constantine Rory

Thanks to Constantine’s impromptu seance, Hank is able to let Constantine know that he wasn’t killed by Nora — but by the demon Nero, who has been pulling the strings for most of the season. He also reveals he’s wearing the body of Constantine’s boyfriend, another insult to injury. Having Nero tie into the Time Bureau story looks to be a nice dovetail to these two stories, but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how they explain the driving force for *why* Nero cares enough to get involved in a conspiracy within the Time Bureau in the first place.

Thanks to a touching eulogy by Nate’s mother, he learns of a new side to his father, and comes to realize he really was just a guy trying to do what he thought was right. As for his big conspiracy at the Time Bureau? Hank’s master plan wasn’t to experiment on and torture these creatures, but to train them to serve in a magical theme park, realizing a dream Nate had as a child. It’s a positively bizarre twist, but does go a long way toward giving Nate closure and helping redeem Hank in the wake of his death. But, again, Tom Wilson is so darn charming I’m not going to argue about it.

Next week: This looks like a fun one. Ava is on the verge of death, so Sara has to go into her mind(?) to find her in Purgatory and pull her back to the world of the living.